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This Week's Issue:September 22, 2016 September 22, 2016


What Is Happening During Home Sweet Hesston Weekend?

Posted 9/22/2016

By Jacki Nelson

Next week, the whole community will be in a festive mood as Home Sweet Hesston begins on Wednesday evening with a meal, parade and bonfire.  Festivities will continue through Saturday evening at locations across the community.


Time: 5-6 p.m. Pulled Pork Meal

Location: Hesston Mennonite Church.

Cost: $5

The meal will be served by the Hesston High After Prom committee with pork and all the trimmings supplied by Weaver Grocers.

“How could you go to a parade without eating first?” asked Hesston Community Foundation Director Susan Lamb, one of the primary coordinators of Home Sweet Hesston.

Hesston Mennonite Church, located on Main Street, will be an ideal gathering point to enjoy food before watching the parade travel down Main.

“We’re really grateful the churches in the community are relocating their activities that evening; so we anticipate a good turnout,” said Lamb.


Home Sweet Hesston Parade

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Main Street

Cost: Free

A staple of community celebrations, the Home Sweet Hesston parade will make its way down Main Street beginning at 6:30 p.m. 

The parade will begin at the Hesston Area Senior Center, just south of the intersection of Main Street and Old Highway 81.  The parade route will travel south and end at the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains.

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Emma Creek Bridge Coming Down

Posted 9/22/2016

By Jacki Nelson

By Thursday afternoon, Hesston residents will be taking a wide detour to reach K-15, Dan’s Cycle and Crosswind Conference Center.  Bridges Inc., construction crews began rerouting traffic Wednesday and will begin demolition of the bridge over Emma Creek on Dutch Avenue by the end of the week.

Owner and President of Bridges Inc., Stan Scudder, said the project will take about 70 working days. The project was bid at $997,187.50 and approved by the Harvey County Commission. 

Scudder said the bridge must be completely closed down for construction, rather than leaving one lane open.

“That bridge is narrow as-is. We would have to leave about two-thirds of it up.  If you go with one lane, you’ve got about 12 feet, then you’ve got the concrete barriers, those are two to three feet. So you’re looking at about eight feet to drive on.  No truck is getting through that,” he said.

Scudder added with a four-month timeline the project, “is pretty small and quick.”

Scudder said one of the elements in the new bridge will be prestressed concrete, rather than structural steel.

A savings of nearly $300,000 was realized through changing the bridge abutments.

“The original abutment was designed to be ground-bearing, interlocking blocks with some fairly exotic backfill material,” he said.

The material, which can only be found in a quarry in Molene, would have been expensive to purchase and ship to the construction site.

“The design was replaced with a U-shaped concrete wall founded on steel bearing piling, which eliminates quite a lot of grading work that the other abutments would have had.  That’s quite a bit of the cost savings,” said Scudder.

When construction begins, Scudder said day one will simply be traffic control and getting drivers accustom to  the detour. 

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Hesston Senior Wins It All At Kansas State Fair

Posted 9/22/2016

By Jacki Nelson

Hesston High senior Sara Hostetler has earned the distinction of being the 2016 best floriculture photographer in the state with her Grand Championship win at the Kansas State Fair.

The winning entry photo was taken by Hostetler at Hesston’s Stone Creek Nursery.  

Hostetler, who took home 10 first-place ribbons in photography at the Harvey County Fair, has been bringing all manner of subjects into focus with her work.

Hostetler’s champion photo came from the single flower category.

“They take the first place finishers from all seven categories and then choose a grand prize winner,” she said.

Sara’s mother, Beth Hostetler, said she was proud of her daughter’s accomplishments in photography.

“As a mom, I would love to see her keep going,” she said.

Hostetler said she is currently enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assistant program, but plans to continue taking photos, even if it is as a hobby.

Hostetler said she shoots nearly all of her photos on a Cannon sx50.

“You can’t change out the lenses, so that can be a challenge for her,” said Beth.

While digital cameras allow photographers to get a preliminary look at photos, Hostetler said she really cannot examine a photo until it is on a larger screen.

“You think you’ve got something but you don’t really know. You can take an initial look, but until you really see it, you don’t know what you’ve got,” she said.

Hostetler added she went through over 50 photos of single flower shots to select just three to be entered at the Kansas State Fair. 

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Weather Won't Dampen Hobbs Squad Spirit

Posted 9/22/2016

By Jacki Nelson

Rain could not put a damper on the spirit of the Hobbs Squad on Friday afternoon for the season’s home opener football game.

Two-dozen students formed an ambitious plan to host a 12-hour tailgate party in front of Hobbs Stadium. 

“We really want people to know that we support our school  through rain or shine.  And, we can tailgate harder than their team plays,” said Cole McCreary.

With a teacher institute day, students were out of classes on Friday.

“We wanted to start about 7 a.m.  But it was raining really hard from about 8 to 10,” said Jordan Roth. 

The ultimate goal for the Hobbs Squad was to be named in the CatchIt Kansas Top 10 Student Sections in the state.

“We thought it would make a good story,” added Roth.

With many students arriving after the rains abated shortly before noon, the day continued as planned, with pancakes hitting an electric griddle around 11 a.m.

“We were huddled up under the tent,” said. 

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