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Five From FBLA Headed To National Competition

Posted 4/16/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Five members of the Hesston High Future Business Leaders of America (FLBA) have qualified for national competition after a very successful trip to State.

Students Peter Jensen, Sabrina Wolenberg, Kiley Varney, Liz Reimer and Kameron Johnson are hoping to head to Anaheim for National Competition.

FBLA Sponsor Dori Roth said the success of the students and the long-term success of the program has kept her involved and energized. 

“I believe in FBLA.  It is a great leadership organization and it is awesome to see the accomplishments these students achieve every year.  I am so very proud of them.  It's busy, but well worth the time and energy!  I enjoy seeing students grow throughout their high school career and achieve the things they work so hard for,” she said.

Roth said students in Hesston were extremely dedicated to the organization and to their projects.

”Our kids, unlike other schools, do this as an extracurricular on their own time – on top of sports, forensics, musical and getting the best of all the worlds,” said Roth.

It can be challenging for students, and Roth, to find time to work FBLA activities into busy schedules. 

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Council Finalizes Showalter Villa Land, Discusses Chickens In City Limits

Posted 4/16/2013

Record Staff

The Hesston City Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, April 8.

During the meeting, land transitions with Schowalter Villa were finalized.  Also, there was discussion on changing City codes to allow poultry coops within city limits. Current statutes forbid livestock – including chickens and rabbit hutches – within city limits. 

• Councilman John Reimer moved to vacate the three utility/drainage easements to Schowalter Villa as presented.  Councilman Brad Unruh seconded.  Motion carried 4-0 with Councilman Jason Jones, an employee of the Hesston Wellness Center, a Schowalter Villa organization, abstaining.

• Councilman Brad Unruh moved accept the two utility/drainage easements from Schowalter Villa as presented.  Councilman Pat Moore seconded.  Motion carried 4-0 with Jones abstaining.

•  Reimer moved to authorize the Mayor to sign the Plat Ratification and Lease Termination Agreement that relates to the Schowalter Villa 1998 Housing Revenue Bonds.   Lee Birch seconded.  Motion carried 4-0 with Jason Jones abstaining.

• It was the consensus of Council to refer the allowing of chickens in residential zones to the Planning Commission.

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Villa Brings MCC To Hesston

Posted 4/16/2013

By Jackie Nelson

In Honor of the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale, Schowalter Villa hosted two days of activates for residents and children at the Child Care Center.

On Thursday, several local bakers came to the Villa and prepared MCC Sale favorite, New Years Cookies.

On Friday, residents and children came together for a quilt display.

Schowalter Villa residents donated quilts, afghans and wall hangings for the exhibition.

Many of the quilts came with historical information from their owners.

One of the oldest pieces at the exhibit was a quilt that was hand-pieced and hand quilted by a gentleman’s mother nearly100 years ago.

“This resident is in his 90’s, and he told us he remembers his mother piecing quilts near the north window of their home,” said Cherie Wohlgemuth, one of the coordinators for the event.

Wohlgemuth said the quilt show provided an opportunity to share the MCC Sale atmosphere with those at the Villa.

“Many of our residents grew up with the MCC Sale. Since we can’t take all of them to the Sale, this is a way for them to have a bit of that experience here,” she said.

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