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Lincoln Perk Under New Ownership

Posted 4/23/2013

By Jackie Nelson

The Lincoln Perk will be undergoing a change in ownership in the coming months.

Current owner Mary Smith will be selling the Lincoln Perk to Holly Nickel.

Smith and Nickel said they were ready for professional transitions and had a long-standing relationship as business professionals.

“Several years ago, Mary and I were both in the process of opening coffee shops. I was working on adding coffee to Pages Books & Coffee, which is still in business on Main Street, Newton, and she was creating the Lincoln Perk.  As fellow women entrepreneurs and coffee shop owners, Mary and I shared conversations about our businesses,” said Nickel

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Smith said she is looking forward to the transition with Nickel. 

“I want more freedom.  Having your own business, if you ask any small business owner, takes a lot of your time. I’m ready to pass it on to someone else. I’m ready to do things I haven’t been able to for seven years,” she said.

Smith said the process of changing ownership of the Lincoln Perk continues to be a lengthy endeavor.

“When you sell a small business, it doesn’t go quickly.  You can’t put a sign in the yard. You start talking to people.  This is what grew out of it. We were having a conversation about equipment. I said someday I’d like to have the freedom to visit with kids that are in Kansas City and from there it took off. It’s something that was in the back of my mind, and when Holly walked in, that’s how it all started,” said Smith