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Accept Hesston Chamber Bucks with Confidence

Posted 4/2/2013

Record Staff

There has been much coverage in the news recently about the recent theft of a number of Newton Chamber Bucks. The crime was swiftly investigated and a suspect is already in custody. The Newton Chamber has established additional safeguards and is confident that their program is safe for participation and will continue to be a strong benefit for the Newton community. However, the incident may have caused some to question the security of our Hesston Chamber Buck program.

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Hesston Record Now On Twitter

Posted 4/2/2013

Record Staff

The Hesston Record is now on Twitter.

Hesston Record Editor Jackie Nelson and Sports Editor Bob Latta have established Twitter accounts to keep followers up-to-date in an instant.

To follow Latta, search for HesstonSports.

Nelson’s account is RecordTime.

Nelson’s account will feature daily news updates and community information. Latta will bring followers the latest Swather sports news and musings from the Sports Desk.

Both editors will be following community members and accepting news tips on topics related to the Hesston community.  

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Gallery Artist Takes On The Wild Side Of Photography

Posted 4/2/2013

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston WalkAbout Gallery, located in the Hesston Wellness Center basement, features a new, and exotic display this month.

Jared Burkholder, a photographer, is this month’s featured artist.

To encourage residents to visit the display, Burkholder is raffling off a photograph to one lucky winner.

“I would like people’s input of the collection.  I have seen these photos so many times…I would like to know what other people like about them, and why.  I will have slips where people can tell me their favorite picture and why.  At the end of the month,  I will draw one and they can have that picture,” he said.

 Burkholder took an interest in photography as a way to further his primary career in ministry and outreach.

“I took a photography class in college. I planned on being a missionary and I knew that good photography would be important and it taught me how to be a little more streetwise,” he said.

To Burkholder, a picture was worth a thousand words to help people relate to the experience of others abroad. 

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Prepping For Prom

Posted 4/2/2013

Record Staff

Each year, The Hesston Record finds a unique way to cover Hesston High Prom.

This year, we are taking an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes aspect of Prom. We are highlighting parents, teachers and students who dedicate months time and resources to making one evening come together.

Diane Jost, one of this year’s Prom Sponsors, said students can look forward to a a few changes.

“The theme this year is ‘A night to cut loose’ based on Footloose.  It isn’t a western theme; it’s vintage,” she said.

Also, this year, Jost said community members will have more options for Promenade.

“We are going to have a set of bleachers outside for people who are interested in the cars, and the Red Carpet is going to go through the Auxiliary gym again this year,” she said.

The change to Promenade came after inclement weather last year.

“This way, we don’t have to have an alternate plan for bad weather, we can keep people comfortable and make easier changes if we need to,” she said. 

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MCC Sale Coming Up Soon, April 12 & 13

Posted 4/2/2013

Hesston Record Staff


This year’s Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) will take place April 12 and 13 at the Kansas State Fair Grounds in Hutchinson. 

One of the most notable MCC events is the quilt auction.  Quilters across the state dedicate thousands of man-hours to cutting, piecing and stitching the dozens of quilts up for auction every year.

This year, Hesston resident Ruth Vogt has donated a quilt to the cause.

Vogt has been quilting for the last 30 years and donating her work to MCC for nearly a decade.

“My sister-in-law got me started.  And I’ve been quilting for 30 years,” she said.

Even before she began quilting, Vogt was involved in MCC.

“My parents were very involved in MCC.  Mom was the Pie Lady. We went as kids and helped out.  I volunteered as a youth and then I just kept doing it. I’ve been donating quilts the last nine years.  It’s something I love to do,” she said. 

During her years quilting, Vogt has found a size quilt she is comfortable with.

“I like standard or a queen is what I do for the kids and grandkids and nieces,” she said

Vogt approaches each quilt as a unique creation. 

“It’s like an art project. It’s something that, once you get started, you want to finish,”

While some quilters have found the craft made much easier by modern machinery, Vogt prefers to quilt the old fashioned way. 

“I hand quilt all of mine. It’s about seeing the finished product.  It’s an art. I love the more traditional patterns.  I’m not an art quilter. Some people are and there are some really talented artists that do more abstract work. I love the traditional quilting,” she said.

Driven not only by her desire to finish what she starts, Vogt said the mission of MCC is one she enjoys supporting. 

“It is going to a good cause and it is exciting to have something you’ve made from start to finish,” she said.

One of the challenges for Vogt is beginning a new quilt.

“Putting it together, I’m not really good at colors, or I go by the pattern suggestions.  Or I ask my daughter. She’s really good; she knows her colors. The challenge is cutting it. Once you get it all cut out, you just follow step-by-step. It’s really very easy.  That’s how you sew it together, go through the steps. It’s sort of like a puzzle,”

While no quilting project is quick, Vogt said the time she dedicates to her craft is often spent multi-tasking. 

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