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Reaching Out To Hesston Resource Center

Posted 8/13/2013

By Jackie Nelson

While poverty often remains unseen in Hesston, Hesston Resource Center Director Rae King said dozens of families in the community are in need of the Center’s services.

“If every family picked up, there would be 68 sacks going out. We have between 48 and 50 families that pick up regularly,” she said.

King said last month there were 103 individuals accounted for in those families receiving assistance. 

King said in addition to the families that are on the scheduled pick-up list, there are more families who could be utilizing the Center’s services.

“I know we have even more families who could be using the Resource Center,” she said.

King said the primary role of the Resource Center is food relief.

“This obviously isn’t a full month’s worth of groceries, but it is regularly about $50 worth of food in each sack,” she said.

King said when assembling the sacks of groceries for pick-up she is very intentional about what is distributed.

“We have a menu.  In September, I am hoping to give out pancake mix and syrup, along with our regular staples. Sometimes it will be spaghetti, but there will always be a meal,” she said.

In addition to a family meal, there is a regular assortment of goods distributed each month. 

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