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Swathers Play In Garden Plain Tuesday

Posted 12/9/2013

The Hesston High basketball teams will open their season on Tuesday (Dec. 10) on the road in Garden Plain.

The Swathers are scheduled to play Garden Plain on Tuesday, Emporia on Friday and Rose Hill on Saturday, with all of these games being played in Garden Plain.

According to a schedule provided by the school, and printed in the Dec. 5 edition of The Record, the Swathers were to travel to Emporia, on Dec. 10, then to Garden Plain for the rest of the Garden Plain tournament on Friday and Saturday. 

The error was brought to the attention of USD 460 after the schedules were published.

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Welsh Starring In Indy Film

Posted 12/3/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Scott Welsh, former Golf Pro at the Hesston Golf Course has made a radical career change. Welsh is now a full-time actor and soon-to-be member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

Welsh has made appearances on major television shows including Parks and Recreation, CSI New York, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, NCIS, Men at Work and True Blood. 

He has appeared in several films and is now the star in an untitled work which will earn him his Screen Actors Guild membership.

The film that is earning Welsh his SAG card was filmed just outside of Hesston.

“This is the kind of film that is reminisce of the old-school Sundance Film Fest. It has a kind of guerilla feel,” said Director and Producer Jonathan Pope.

Welsh’s first film will be show first at film festivals across the nation and possibly internationally.

Welsh said his character, a Midwestern father of a gay young adult, turns many stereotypes on their ear. 

“Hank is a lover to the max. Hank can love until it hurts. He wants the best for those closest to him, but part of him needs those closest to him to be near him. That was the tug and pull of this film,” said Welsh.

Welsh said he was ready for a career change after nearly 30 years of working in the golf industry.

“I had been in the golf industry since I was 15. I left Hesston Golf Park when I was 42. That’s about 27 years in the golf business.  I love to play and teach, but I found those were things I was spending the least amount of time doing,” he said.

As Welsh was taking time to explore career options, he began contacting friends.

“Knowing Jodi [Julian] from California, she said, with some work, I could be an actor,” said Welsh.

He confessed, at first he was not interested in  the field.

“I said ‘No.’ about as stern as a man can say no, followed by, ‘You’re crazy,’” he said.

Julian was not one to give up on Welsh. 

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A Muppet Christmas At Hesston Elementary School

Posted 12/3/2013

HESSTON Elementary School will host a very merry, and muppet-y Christmas program in Thursday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m.  The complete Muppet cast, including Fozzie (Max Werner), Gonzo (Elyse Reimer), the Swedish Chef (Cason Richardson) and most famous duo Kermit (Maddox Sweigart) and Miss Piggy (Caryn Yoder and Brynn Johnston) will be featured in this year’s performance.  The Muppets stopped by The Hesston Record on Tuesday afternoon to promote their upcoming show. 

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Holiday Card, Package Deadline Swiftly Approaching

Posted 12/3/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Domestic Mail Class    Deadline

Standard Post…………..Dec. 14

First Class………….......Dec. 20

Priority Mail……………Dec. 21

Priority Mail Express….Dec. 23


International Mailing Deadlines

International Mail                        GXG*                        PMEI**            PMI***            First Class

Asia/pacific Rim                        Dec. 16            Dec. 14            Dec. 9                        Dec. 9

Australia                                    Dec. 16            Dec. 14            Dec. 9                        Dec. 9

Canada                                     Dec. 19            Dec. 16            Dec. 12            Dec. 9

Caribbean                                    Dec. 18            Dec. 14            Dec. 12            Dec. 9

Central/South America            Dec. 18            Dec. 10            Dec. 2                        Dec. 2

Mexico                                    Dec. 18            Dec. 14            Dec. 11            Dec. 9

Europe                                     Dec. 18            Dec. 14            Dec. 12            Dec. 9

Middle East                                     Dec. 16            Dec. 14            Dec. 12            Dec. 9

*global express guaranteed           

**priority mail express international

*** Priority Mail International


 Christmas is right around the corner.  To ensure delivery in time for the Holidays, parcels, care packages and presents must be mailed post-haste.

Hesston Postmaster Pam Kerschen, says the best advice she can give busy customers is to mail early and ship from home for the holidays.

 “Customers can save up to 11 percent off Post Office retail prices by printing a shipping label online at, and they can also request a free package pickup,” said Kerschen “Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes make shipping easy – ‘if it fits it ships for one low price,’ and the boxes are free. It not only saves you money, but time and gas as well.”

The Postal Service projects to deliver 15 billion pieces of mail this holiday season, including 420 million packages – a 12 percent increase over last year. Encouraging customers to mail early, the Hesston Post Office has released its suggested mail-by dates and tips to help customers mail and ship conveniently for the holidays.

The mail-by date for all military addresses, except Afghanistan, which passed Dec. 3, is Dec. 10. To help the families and friends of U.S. military personnel, the Postal Service offers a $2 discount on its largest Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes.

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Library Legacy Comes To An End

Posted 12/3/2013

By Jackie Nelson

After 70-plus years of total service, Librarians Ellen Voth and Karen White are checking out.

The ladies each found their calling at Hesston Public Library through their love of books and the community.

“I have always loved to read. Being surrounded by books makes me feel good. So I was excited to become an employee of the Hesston Public Library 36-plus years ago,” said Voth.

White joined the library shortly after Voth.

“I grew up in the Hesston community and remember as a child going to the library on Saturday afternoons and searching the several shelves of books for something I hadn’t already read,” said White, who began her career in March of 1978.

Library Board member Erik Lange said the Hesston community found two uniquely dedicated individuals as Librarians.

“Hesston has been lucky to have Karen and Ellen do such a fine job for such a long period of time.  It is very rare in this day and age for anyone to show such dedication and commitment to one job for such a long period of time.  Their experience at the library and their knowledge of the community will be missed,” he said.

Over the decades, Voth and White have been steadfast figures in a library swirling with change, both in personnel, the library’s collections and the way the public utilizes the library.

“Teresa Burkey, who was the director at that time, hired me. In addition to her, I have had the privilege of working with four other directors – Marianne Eichelberger, Chris Buller, Cari Cusick and now Libby Albers. All the directors brought their own personalities, new way of looking at things and visions for the future of Hesston Public Library with them and helped shape the library into what it is today,” said White.

“There have been many changes during those years. Several expansions and renovations in the building on Smith Street. Before we had our collection on computers, patrons signed cards for items checked out, which we then counted and alphabetized at the close of each day,” said Voth. 

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FBLA Helping 'Angels' Have A Happy Holiday

Posted 12/3/2013

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students and sponsor Dori Roth are once again ensuring ‘angels’ around Harvey County have a Merry Christmas.

According to Roth, FBLA has been making Christmas brighter for the last 20 years.

“We have been doing this as long as I have been here and they started before that. It’s been a good 20 years we’ve been doing this,” she said.

Roth said through the school’s partnership with the Salvation Army, they are given angels at the request of the district.

“It varies from year-to-year but we usually take between 50 and 30. This year we have around 30. It just depends on how many kids are in need, what some of the churches are doing, but we make sure we fulfill all the names we take,”

After Roth contacts the Salvation Army, she and FBLA students work to prepare for the event.

“They send us a list of names every year and they send angels.  We put up a tree, hang the angels and kids and staff take the names,” she said.

Roth said this year was a bit different when it came to hanging angels and she and students had to be more diligent about protecting the privacy of children.

“This year was a little different.  Usually we get numbers. So there’s a tag with a number and a little description of the kids’ age, gender and a few wish-list items.  With the numbers, it was much more anonymous. I’m not sure why they printed names on the tags this year,” she said.

Roth went through the angels this year to ensure students would not recognize a family name.

“The ‘angels’ are usually 12 and under.  We made sure we didn’t get kids that are in the district so we don’t make anyone uncomfortable,” she said.

When the tree goes up and the tags are hung, Roth said students are eager to participate.

“It’s a good community service project. Its something we do and the kids look forward to seeing the tree go up and buying gifts for someone else.  Sometimes kids will go in together and get gifts,” she said. 

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