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Messages Of Love In Bloom

Posted 2/14/2013

ONE of these arrangements of carnations and daises just may send the wrong message.  However, there are dozens of flowers to choose from for custom bouquet for your loved one. February 14 is one of the most romantic days on the calendar, it is also one of the busiest days for florists filing millions of orders for sweethearts across the nation.

While the bouquet delivered to your lovers door may look perfect, there may be a coded message among the flowers.

The art of floriography began in the Victorian era. Placing specific meanings on specific flowers allowed the demure Victorians to convey covert messages to their beloved, or their not-so-beloved.

While arranging millions of bouquets, florists may be sending mixed messages.

One of the most common flowers delivered on valentines day is the rose.

Roses are one of the most popular flowers for valentines day, and many are aware of the meanings assigned to their color: Red for true love; white for innocence and purity; yellow for friendship; pink for grace and gratitude, light pink for desire, passion  and youth; orange for desire; violet for love at first sight; roses dyed blue represent mystery and attaining the impossible.

For those looking to send a more unique message, other flowers can be incorporated for a special message of love this Valentines day.

For beaus on a budget, daises, which come in a wide variety of color – from pure white to shock blue – offer a message of simplicity.

The Kansas-native sunflower can be given to your sweetheart to convey your pure intentions. 

Other popular flower, including the hydrangea with a large head of many flowers, is a common flower in arrangements. However, this Valentine’s day, one might want to stay away from a flower that holds the meaning of frigidness and heartlessness.

Hesston florist Marilyn Wendling said while she has many flowers in stock, those wanting a custom arrangement – or a more creative Valentine’s Day message, should call ahead to make sure their desired flowers are in stock.


Here are a few common flowers that may belie your true loves true feelings:

10 Flowers Not To Send Your Beloved

Anemone – forsaken or sickness

Begonia – beware, a fanciful nature

Daffodil – Uncertainty

Hydrangea – frigidness, heartlessness

Marigolds – pain and grief

Morning glory – love in vain

Peony – shame

Striped Carnation – refusal

Yellow carnation – rejection, disdain, disappointment

Yellow Tulip – hopeless love


10 Flowers That Say It Best For Your Beloved

Aster – trusting

Baby’s Breath – Innocence

Daisy – cheer, simplicity

Delphinium – levity, big-hearted

Lavender – Devotion

Plumaria – Perfection, new beginnings

Primrose – Eternal love

Sunflower – pure and lofty thoughts

White Lilac – Memories

White Lilly – Purity