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‘Pop Shots’ Pulling Down Cash For After Prom

Posted 2/11/2013

 “Pop Shots,” the popular halftime entertainment at the Swather Varsity boys basketball games has been a very successful fundraiser for the After Prom Committee.

Shooters pay $1 to take a shot at a free throw during half-time. If the shooter sinks the shot, he or she walks away with a two-liter bottle of pop.

Over the season, the Pop Shot competition has increased dramatically in popularity.

“The first game, we had about 50, now we have over 100 shooters crammed into just a few minutes,” said Anne Geidel of the After Prom Committee.

Geidel said thus far, the fundraiser has been a very good funding stream.

“We can raise about $70 to $100 per half-time,” she said.

Geidel said the simplicity of the fundraiser is part of its success.

“Ty [Rhodes, USD 460 Athletic Director] likes us to get cleared off about five minutes before half-time is over.  We’ve gotten really efficient, we have four balls, two at each end, and we’ve gotten a great crew of people taking dollars, people rebounding and handing out tickets to trade for a pop,” she said. 

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Hesstonians Head To India For Menno Clinic

Posted 2/11/2013

Lee Voth-Gaeddert made friends with many children at the clinic.Hesstonians were making a difference half a world away in Chiluvuru, India traveling to visit Menno Clinic, India, a medical mission that provides health care in Chiluvuru.

Current and former Hesston residents involved in the missions trip were: John N. Murray, Lee Voth-Gaeddert, Jake Wray, Kathy Wray, Jared Wedel, and John C. Murray all from Hesston; Kelli Krase, formerly of Hesston currently living in Columbus, Ohio.

The group’s destination was Menno Clinic, India opened in 2002 as a general practice, outpatient clinic. In 2007 dental and eye care services were added, including providing about 12 to 15 cataract surgeries per month.

Though not on the trip, John C. Murray, pastor at Hesston Mennonite Church, has been a member of the board of directors of the clinic since its beginning. He has facilitated several groups in traveling to visit the clinic and build relationships with the residents of Chiluvuru.

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Wellness Center Meets Recruitment Goal

Posted 2/11/2013

Jason Jones, Director of the Hesston Wellness Center announced he will be donning his finest dress and heels to perform “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story on Thursday, Feb. 28 at The Water’s Edge at 6:30 p.m.

Jones said his performance is a result of the Wellness Center meeting its January membership drive goal of 100 new or renewed members.

“Our goal was 100 new or renewed membership. We ended the month with 105,” he said.

Jones said, unlike last year, this year’s drive was down to the wire.

“There was some nail-biting. I was sending out daily updates to our staff encouraging them to reach out to friends and family to join,” he said.

Jones said reaching his goal took much longer this month than the previous year.

“It just didn’t seem like we were making as much progress from week-to-week as a year prior. We really relied on the last two weeks to hit the goal,” he said.

Jones said the goal was met on Jan. 31 when a gentleman came in with the express purpose of seeing Jones on stage. 

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