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Artist Has New Take On Spray Paint

Posted 7/10/2013

By Jackie Nelson

                                                             Hesston Artist Sadie Webb is this month’s Walkabout Gallery Artist.

Webb’s spray paint art takes a medium typically associated with graffiti and creates unique and more traditional paintings.

“Usually people see spray paint and they think graffiti. It’s nice to show people something that can be a little more creative. This isn’t graffiti art at all. They look like paintings – nothing graffiti about it,” she said.

Webb said she became interested in spray paint as a medium as a way to expand her art.

“I’ve been an artist forever and wanted to try something different and thought it would be fun,” she said.

Webb has been working with spray paint for less than a year.
“It’s been about six months now that I’ve been working with spray paint. It is kind of a new thing,” she said.

While researching new artistic styles, Webb turned to the internet.

“I saw it on Youtube. That’s how I got started. It was really cool how they can go from nothing to something beautiful in five minutes,” she said.

One of the challenges of spray paint art is time.

“It dries really fast. You have to move fast and do it fast,” she said.

Webb said a painting can take just a few minutes from start to finish.

“A lot of people ask ho long they take. And, honestly, they take up to 10 minutes to do. People are always really surprised by that,” she said.

 Webb said unlike some spray paint artists, she does not use stencils.

“It is all freehand. I use round lids for planets, but it is all freehand,” she said.

Inspiration for her art can come from a variety of places.

“Some of my ideas are requests that people have asked me to do. Most of it is just imagination,” she said.

While Webb works on custom pieces, she has found a theme for her work.

“I like doing space scenes, planets and stuff. They are a lot of fun and they always turn out really pretty,” she said.

However, Webb’s art has a variety of subject matter.

“I did one with a deer in the woods. That one is one of my favorites. It is kind of mysterious and dark. It’s unique,” she said.

Webb said her art has been well-received by viewers.

“We can do more than graffiti with spray paint. I really appreciate the support I get,” she said.

Webb said her pieces will be for sale at the Walkabout Gallery.

“I have prices on all of them. I hope people will come and check it out. See it for yourself. It’s kind of cool,” she said.

This is Webb’s second gallery showing.

“I did one in Wichita, but this is the first in my hometown,” she said.