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BREAKING NEWS: Gas Leak Sends Three To Hospital

Posted 7/13/2013

Friday evening three residents - one adult and two children - were transported to Newton Medical Center, suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Emergency crews responded to a call at The Wash Line in OleTown Square around 6:30 p.m. where they found an adult and two children nearly unconscious on a sidewalk near the entrance.

“They had symptoms of being exposed to carbon monoxide. The adult got the two children out, but they were still experiencing symptoms. They were taken to Newton Medical Center and the Laundromat has been ventilated,” said Emergency Services Director Russ Buller.

Peter Kaufman, who called 911, said his wife first realized there was a problem.

“She was on the phone, and she said they didn’t sound right, something was wrong. They got out of the building. So we came over here and called 911. If my wife hadn’t been on the phone, this would have taken a very different turn. But it went well,” he said.

Buller said symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure include headaches, lower levels of consciousness, dizziness, redness of the face and, if exposed long enough, death.

While emergency responders were on scene, high levels of carbon monoxide were found in businesses adjoining The Wash Line - First Bank and The Hesston Record.

Both businesses were cleared to open on Saturday morning.

According to Kim Richtig of First Bank, the ATM remained open throughout the evening on Friday.