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Wash Line Suffers Vandalism Burglary

Posted 6/11/2013

Jaquelyn Nelson

Vandals struck at The Wash Line in Old Town Square during the early morning hours of June 10.

Manager Susan Spencer said damages to the property could run into the thousands of dollars.

“A lot of destruction had been done. It was evident they were looking for money” said Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder. 

For all the damage done, Spencer said the vandals fled the scene with just over $3. 

Despite the low-dollar amount taken, Schroeder said it is still a serious crime.

“It is a felony because it was a burglary, no matter the amount taken. The amount taken was less than $1,000 but there was quite a bit of damage to the wall and the cleaning cost incurred by the business owner,” he said.

The vandals knocked a hole in the wall near the change machine.

“I don’t know if they thought it would just fall out of the wall,” said Spencer.

In addition to the large hole in the wall, Spencer said damage was done to the rolling window cover at the dry-cleaning desk.

“We just replaced that a couple years ago. They are very expensive,” she said.

The vandals also broke into the case containing the fire extinguisher, leaving broken glass on the floor.  They discharged the extinguisher, leaving a coating of chemicals on every surface.

“We don’t know how long it is going to take to clean. The wall needs repaired and the shade we put in is going to be very costly,” said Spencer.

Spencer said while the business is covered, the repairs and preparation needed to re-open will be significant costs.

“We have insurance, and this will be covered. But it will still be very expensive. We do plan on getting everything cleaned up and working,” said Spencer.

In addition to the expenses of the damage, Spencer said there will be additional losses because of the burglary.

“We are going to be losing money because we are closed and people won’t be able to use the machines,” said Spencer.

Schroeder said police arrived on the scene and began processing any evidence.

“We responded, collected any and all evidence. We do have some items that are going to our lab for fingerprint testing. We photographed the scene and talke to peope in the area – in this case other business owners,” he said.

Schroeder was confident this was an isolated incident.

“This was certainly a random act. The property owner was doing everything they can do not to become victimized,” he said.

The police are asking anyone with information to please come forward.

Anyone with tips or leads in the case can contact the Hesston Police Department at 620-327-2020.