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Agco Reaches Agreement On Tax Dispute

Posted 6/25/2013

Record Staff

AGCO Initial Proposal: $2,600,000

County Initial Proposal: $10,978,000

Final Appraisal: $7,500,000

Assessed Value Difference: $850,547

Impact On USD 460: -$52,000

Impact On City: -$27,829.90

Impact County: -$26,748.86


 The AGCO valuation and tax dispute has been resolved.

According to County Appraiser Craig Clough, AGCO has accepted the County’s appraisal.

“Both AGCO and County each had separate appraisals completed by appraisers who specialize in complex industrial properties. The appraiser for the County came in at $ 7.5 million on the main large parcel that includes all of the offices and manufacturing. AGCO agreed to the $7.5 million appraisal,” he said.


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Exclusive Interview With Congress Man Pompeo

Posted 6/25/2013

Record Staff

On Thursday, June 20 the Wichita-based representative from Congressman Mike Pompeo’s office came to Hesston to speak with residents and answer questions.

After the visit, The Record secured an exclusive interview with Congressman Pompeo.

Currently Pompeo serves on several committees and sub-committees. He currently sits on the House Committee of Energy and Commerce, the Subcommittee on Energy and Power, the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade, and the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. He is also a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  He is a member of the Subcommittee on Technical and Tactical Intelligence and Subcommittee on Oversight.  

One of the first issues addressed was the recent passage of a $1 trillion farm bill.

Pompeo voted in opposition of the bill.

“The bill we voted on was called a farm bill, but it was really a food stamp bill.  There is a history of these being put together – the food stamps and ag. The ag piece has been dominated - $80 billion dominated – by SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). While we protected crop insurance, this legislation didn’t let farmers do what they have to do,” he said. 

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Sports Books Are In

Posted 6/25/2013

Record Staff

The Hesston Swather 2012/2013 Sports Magazines are ready for pick-up today.

For the last six months, The Record has been working to produce one of the most comprehensive Swather sports publications since the 1980s. 

The magazines are 60 pages each of Swather and Lady Swather sports action.

Publisher Robb Reeves said readers are not only getting all of the published stories from the Swather Fall, Winter and Spring sports seasons, but more photos and complete statistics. 

“You get a whole year's worth of each sport in one book, plus photos we didn't publish in the newspaper,” he said.

Hesston Record editor and project coordinator Jackie Nelson said she was happy with the turn-around time on the publication.

“I am really pleased we could get these magazines out as quickly as we did. We are less than a month out from the end of the spring sports,” she said.

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Amos Replacement Nearly Complete

Posted 6/25/2013

CREWS from contractor Vogts Parga were pouring concrete on Amos Street on Friday, June 21. The street should be open by mid-July according to Street Superintendent Jim Erb.

Record Staff 

Improvements along Amos Street have been moving along quickly, according to Street Superintendent Jim Erb.

Vogts Parga has been contracted to replace the street.  Erb said the city allocated $80,000 for the replacement.

“We don’t have the final numbers yet, but it will be in-budget,” he said.

“They are doing great with everything. If the weather holds they will be done by the middle of the week,” said Erb.

Erb said residents along Amos have been understanding.

“They have been using the alley-way to get to their homes, and that seems to be working well. Sometimes it has been difficult, having to take trash and recycling out to a neighboring street 

While the concrete will be poured, residents wil have to wait one more week before Amos is drivable.

“We are going to let it cure for about it week before it will be totally done,” said Erb.

The street replacement began the day after Memorial Day.

“We are replacing the street, curb and gutter, and the off-street parking,” said Erb.

The street will be constructed of sic-inch reinforced concrete.

“Anything that is in town will be able to go down that street, including trash-trucks, without issues,” said Erb.

The street replacement is built for long-term durability.

“We should get at least 30 years, if not 40, out of this street,” said Erb. 

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New GVL Polymers Plant To Open

Posted 6/25/2013

By Billi Wilson

Hesston residents are invited to attend a special announcement Thursday, June 27, at 4 p.m. at Silverstone Inc., 8515 N Hesston Road, in Hesston.

GVL Polymers, Inc. is a privately held corporation with its headquarters in Litchfield, Minnesota. 

After 20 years in business, the company is excited to announce the opening of a second plant in Hesston.

GVL currently employs over 40 workers at its 50,000 square foot facility in Minnesota. 

Along with the company’s proprietary product, poly corn snouts, GVL Poly offers rotational molding, rapid FDM prototyping, engineering and design, and other services to OEM’s.  

The Kansas Department of Commerce, who worked in partnership with the Harvey County Economic Development Council and the City of Hesston with GVL Poly, will be present at the announcement.  “It’s great news that GVL Polymers has decided to open a new plant in Hesston,” said Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George. “The company’s investment in our state is going to create good manufacturing jobs and contribute to the growth of the Kansas economy.”

 The Hesston facility, upon completion, will be approximately 50,000 square feet and employ over 20 full-time individuals within its first year of operation.  We excited to announce and welcome this great company to Hesston.  We look forward to the new partnerships formed between GVL Poly, local industries and the community.  We hope you will join us for this exciting announcement. 

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Posted 6/25/2013

Local Fireworks Shows

Hesston – No Shows

Newton – No Shows

McPherson –

Hutchinson – Kansas Fair Grounds $4 10 p.m.

Moundridge -

Inman – 9:30 at the Inman High Gym

Halstead – No Show

Burrton – Fireworks show at 10 p.m. at City Park

Sedgwick – 9:30 p.m. at Sedgwick High Football Stadium

Fireworks Safety Tips

 TOPEKA - The Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office offers these safety tips to Kansans who plan on shooting off fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July.

• Always read and follow label instructions.

• Always purchase high quality fireworks from a reliable, legitimate source.

• Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. Have a “designated shooter.”

• Never give fireworks to small children.

• Adults should always supervise use of fireworks by older children.

• Always wear eye protection when lighting fireworks.

• Never ignite fireworks indoors. Make sure your outdoor area is safe for fireworks use.

• Never point or throw fireworks at a person, building, or animal.

• Have a source of water handy, in case of fire.

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