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Mid-Kansas Family Practice Hosting Flu Vaccination Clinic

Posted 9/16/2013

Hesston’s Mid-Kansas Family will be hosting their Flu Vaccination clinic Sept. 17, 18 and 19. 

According to the Center for Disease Control, flu vaccinations can keep vulnerable individuals healthy during flu season.

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200 Coming Home T-Shirts Up For Grabs

Posted 9/10/2013

With Coming Home just around the corner, The Hesston Record is once again creating unique Coming Home t-shirts as annual keepsakes for over 200 lucky winners.

According to Hesston Record Owner and Publisher Robb Reeves, souvenir seekers can try to snag a T-shirt at two Coming Home events.

“We hand out a lot at the parade. That's where most of them are distributed. The next place is the football game. The cheerleaders throw them into the stands. Also, all of our sponsors get shirts,” he said.

Reeves said rather than selling T-shirts, he would rather give them as good-will gifts to Coming Home revelers.

“We want to get as many shirts out as we can. The sponsors make the shirts possible. We want the sponsors to get their message to as many people as possible. Plus, giving something away is a lot of fun,” he said.

The Record has been creating Coming Home T-shirts for several years.

“This will be our fourth year for the T-shirts,” said Reeves.

Reeves said the shirts are an opportunity for local businesses to advertise year-round.
”I have seen people wearing Coming Home shirts from a year or two ago. And, we usually have around 22 businesses represented,” he said.

Reeves said businesses can benefit from the one-time investment on T-shirt advertising for several years.

“It’s nice see a kid wearing the shirt like two years after we handed it out,” he said.

Graphic Artist Molly Flickner has been tasked with creating this year’s new T-shirt design.

“We wanted a fresh and modern twist to go along with the growing community of Hesston,” she said.

Flickner said working with this year’s design came with a unique challenge.

“The most difficult part was incorporating the house in the logo,” she said.

Reeves said while the design will be all-new, the T-shirts will still be printed locally at Atomic Sports.

“We will be going with the same material we had last year. It's sort of a recycled look and people really liked that,” he said.

Reeves said the T-shirts are a great way to show community pride throughout the year.

“The shirts are something you can wear on any warm day  as a remembrance of Coming Home. With the schedule on the sleeve, it can be handy during the Coming Home weekend to have a shirt,” he said.

As a designer, Flickner hopes to give each Coming Home celebration it’s own unique look.

“From now on, I am hoping to have a new design each year for the new shirts. And just to know that it is made by a local homegrown Kansan right in there community,” she said.  

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Acclaimed journalist to present at Hesston College

Posted 9/10/2013

For The Record

HESSTON, Kan. – Warren St. John, journalist, former New York Times reporter and author of “Outcasts United: An American Town, A Refugee Team, and One Woman’s Quest to Make a Difference,” will present on his research of the refugee experience and resettlement at 7 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 19, at Hesston Mennonite Church. The event is free and open to the public.

 “We are thrilled to welcome Warren St. John to our campus,” said Hesston College First-Year Experience co-director Marissa King. “Author visits are a wonderful way for students to connect the content of the text to the process and research that authors like St. John do every day.”

 “Outcasts United” (Spiegel & Grau, 2009) illustrates the challenges and rewards of creating community in an atmosphere where people do not seem to have much in common through the true story of a refugee boys’ soccer team in a small Georgia town. The book has been published in seven countries and has been a common read at more than 40 colleges and universities as well as in city-wide programs.

 Spearheaded by Hesston College’s First-Year Experience, the book is being used as the college’s common read for the 2013-14 academic year with the theme Extending Home: Stories of Migration and Transformation. It will guide classroom discussions and campus-wide events focused on how communities and individuals respond to displacement and resettlement.

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“Art in the Park” Sept. 14 to benefit Carriage Factory Art Gallery and Kauffman Museum

Posted 9/10/2013

For The Record

NEWTON – Carriage Factory Art Gallery, Newton, and Kauffman Museum, North Newton, will host “Art in the Park” from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14, in the John Jacob Krehbiel Memorial Park adjacent to the gallery at 128 E. Sixth Street.

Event coordinator Darlene Dick says that the special activity will feature “great art at great prices” to benefit the two organizations. Original paintings, folk art, antique and collectible prints plus special bargain items will be for sale.

“Art in the Park” will also feature painters and sculptors at work, music by the Newton Ukulele Tunes Society (NUTS) and art activities for children including face painting, balloon and bubble art, collage making and chalk drawing.

Prairie Harvest Market & Deli will sell lunch fare on site, plus snacks and beverages. Cinnamon rolls will be available in the morning.

The nonprofit Carriage Factory Art Gallery is housed in the original two-story carriage factory and blacksmith shop founded in 1883 by J. J. Krehbiel, co-founder of Bethel College. The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Works by Albert H. Krehbiel, son of J.J and Anna, are included in the gallery’s collection.

The park adjacent to the gallery was the site of the Krehbiel homestead. The park’s English fountain was donated by the Krehbiel Family. The gallery facilities and adjacent park are now available for rent for weddings and other special occasions.

For more information about “Art in the Park” or other activities at the gallery, visit or call 316-284-2749.

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Arboretum Nets $20,000 Windfall At Plant Sale

Posted 9/10/2013

Dyck Arboreutm of the Plains hosted a successful Fall Plant Sale from Sept. 4 through 8.

According to Director Scott Vogh, the sale brough in nearly $20,000.

“That amount is similar to previous fall sales.  Our plant sales (spring and fall) are the largest native plants sales in the state and they are the largest fundraising events that we host each year,” he said.

Vogt said Hesstonians should be encouraged by the plant sale, which brings hundreds of visitors to the community.

“This fall nearly 500 people attended our sale and purchased nearly 4,000 plants,” he said.  

Vogt said the funds will be put toward the mission of the Arboretum.

“The funds will be used to underwrite the arboretum and its mission to promote through education and stewardship, the conservation and use of plants native and adaptable to Kansas,” he said. 

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Swahter Sling In Full Swing

Posted 9/10/2013

The Hesston High After Prom Committee has created a new fundraiser this football season.

The Swather Sling will now be part of the half-time entertainment at Varsity Swather football games. The Swather Sling will be hosted this Friday during the game against Nickerson, which kicks off at 7 p.m. at Hobbs Stadium. 

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A ‘Lil’ More Swather Spirit Friday Night

Posted 9/10/2013

On Saturday, Sept. 7, nearly 100 girls full of Swather Spirit took part in Lil Cheer Camp.

According to Camp Coordinator and Cheer Sponsor Diane Jost, Lil Cheer Camp was a record-breaking year.

“This is the eleventh year of Lil' Cheer Camp.  Ninety-two girls, kindergarten through eighth grade attended,” she said.

Jost said the camp is a key source of funds for the Swather Cheer Squad.

“It is our only fundraiser.  The money raised is used for outfits for the football and basketball dance, hats and gloves for the football cheerleaders, prizes for pep rallies, and treats for the football and basketball teams,” she said. 

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High School Gym Floor Damaged From Flooding

Posted 9/10/2013

By Jenna Quentin

Special To The Record

 At their monthly meeting on September 9, the USD460 school board discussed steps for repairing the school gymnasiums. The main and auxiliary gym floors were damaged due to flooding. In the main gym, the water damage is up near half-court and could go further. Water seeped under the door by the tennis courts and under the flooring. There was also water in the hallways at the auxiliary gym. Superintendent Paul Becker said, “The theory is that the storm drains didn't keep up with five and a half inches of rain.”

Repairs will start this week in the main gymnasium. The auxilary gym is scheduled for repairs on approximately October 22, to keep a space available for practices. 

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Local Entrepreneur Solves Fire And EMS Staffing Dilemma

Posted 9/10/2013

Stephen Owens, a Hesston Fire Department Captain, is one of the creative minds behind Page-Out, a revolutionary new app that allows volunteer fire departments to know, at all times, how many volunteers are available to respond to an emergency.

According to Owens, volunteers using the app can sign in and out of availability with the push of a button.  Owens said speed and simplicity were the keys to Page-Out.

“It’s an on call availability and it’s as simple to use as you can imagine.  It’s pushing the app and the page in and page out button. You’ve accomplished the entire thing.  We wanted this to update everyone within that network faster than a text, and it does. It updates everyone on that network faster than a text message,” said Owens.

Page-Out has been in the testing phase for several months and celebrated an official launch party on Friday, Sept. 9. 

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Schowalter Villa Gearing Up For Villa Days

Posted 9/10/2013

Schowatler Villa is preparing to celebrate Villa Days from Sept. 19 to 21. The weekend long event includes activities for  the whole community, from a silent auction to

This year, Tyson Miller has put his pride on the line to raise awareness, and donations, for the silent auction.

Each year, Schowalter Villa employees donate goods and services toward the Silent Auction. These goods are packaged into themed baskets which are on display at The Waters Edge and Hesston Wellness Center beginning Monday, Sept. 16 and up for auction during Villa Days. 

Miller said his involvement in the Silent Auction is connected to an item to be auctioned during the live auction on Friday, Sept. 20.

The showcase auction piece is an AAU League King Motors basketball jersey.

The jersey is a 1951 or 1952 jersey and is a complete uniform set.

“There is a deep history with the uniform. It’s a pretty cool thing itself. It’s a neat thing. However, it will not be neat to wear.  But for people interested in those kinds of collectables it is a very unique thing,” said Miller.

Miller said he was volunteered by Cindy Janzen to model the uniform as part of a promotion for the auction. 

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