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200 Coming Home T-Shirts Up For Grabs

Posted 9/10/2013

With Coming Home just around the corner, The Hesston Record is once again creating unique Coming Home t-shirts as annual keepsakes for over 200 lucky winners.

According to Hesston Record Owner and Publisher Robb Reeves, souvenir seekers can try to snag a T-shirt at two Coming Home events.

“We hand out a lot at the parade. That's where most of them are distributed. The next place is the football game. The cheerleaders throw them into the stands. Also, all of our sponsors get shirts,” he said.

Reeves said rather than selling T-shirts, he would rather give them as good-will gifts to Coming Home revelers.

“We want to get as many shirts out as we can. The sponsors make the shirts possible. We want the sponsors to get their message to as many people as possible. Plus, giving something away is a lot of fun,” he said.

The Record has been creating Coming Home T-shirts for several years.

“This will be our fourth year for the T-shirts,” said Reeves.

Reeves said the shirts are an opportunity for local businesses to advertise year-round.
”I have seen people wearing Coming Home shirts from a year or two ago. And, we usually have around 22 businesses represented,” he said.

Reeves said businesses can benefit from the one-time investment on T-shirt advertising for several years.

“It’s nice see a kid wearing the shirt like two years after we handed it out,” he said.

Graphic Artist Molly Flickner has been tasked with creating this year’s new T-shirt design.

“We wanted a fresh and modern twist to go along with the growing community of Hesston,” she said.

Flickner said working with this year’s design came with a unique challenge.

“The most difficult part was incorporating the house in the logo,” she said.

Reeves said while the design will be all-new, the T-shirts will still be printed locally at Atomic Sports.

“We will be going with the same material we had last year. It's sort of a recycled look and people really liked that,” he said.

Reeves said the T-shirts are a great way to show community pride throughout the year.

“The shirts are something you can wear on any warm day  as a remembrance of Coming Home. With the schedule on the sleeve, it can be handy during the Coming Home weekend to have a shirt,” he said.

As a designer, Flickner hopes to give each Coming Home celebration it’s own unique look.

“From now on, I am hoping to have a new design each year for the new shirts. And just to know that it is made by a local homegrown Kansan right in there community,” she said.