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Hesston Property Crimes Peaked In Summer

Posted 12/30/2013

Record Staff

For 2013, crime in Hesston was most abundant in the summer months and property crimes were common.

The Hesston Record has compiled police reports and municipal court reports throughout the year.  The Record classified reports into five categories:

• Property crimes, which include theft, burglary, forgery and criminal damage;

• Traffic violations, which include accidents and traffic violations;

• Drug-related crimes, which included illegal substances and minors in possession;

• Violent and personal crimes, which include domestic incidents and crimes against another person

• The final category was other. 

Statistics include reports from Jan. 1, to Dec. 24.  

Property crimes outnumbered all other incidents with 87 property-related reports throughout the year.

Property crimes were followed closely by traffic accidents and violations with 85 reports.

In 2013, more reports came in the summer months and tapering off in winter.

June had the highest number of reports with 31 total reports.  That month 20 were property-related, there were eight traffic incidents, one violent crime and two other category reports.

While many residents may be concerned about burglaries and thefts during the holiday season, the most property crimes were reported in June, 20 reports, followed closely by July with 13 incidents.

A winter storm in February, as well as a high volume of municipal court reports resulted in the highest number of traffic-related reports at 13 in the month.

Violence peaked in Hesston in April and October with five violent/personal reports both months.

Drugs were the least-reported crime in Hesston with only 12 reported incidencts in 2013. Nearly half of these illegal-substance crimes were minors in possession of alcohol.

However, in September, Hesston officers made a significant drug-bust off a traffic stop on Interstate 135.  Three men were arrested on possession charges for marijuana, ecstasy and methamphetamine.