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Death Penalty, School Funding And State finances Up For Debate

Posted 3/13/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Representative Don Schroeder said there is still a future for a bill expediting the death penalty in Kansas, school funding will become a major issue and the State will be in the red in three years at the Legislative Coffee hosted on Saturday at the Hesston Area Senior Center.

“People are still analyzing school funding. It’s much more about student outcomes than it is about how much we are spending. If they are achieving outcomes, that doesn’t translate into the total money spent on education.  I’ve been talking about it for a few years, the way the Legislature is doing its cutting on the weighted formula – which is what the Equal Education Opportunity formula is about – so the schools with lower valuations have the same opportunity as the wealthy,” he said.

Schroeder cautioned the Supreme Court funding does not equate dollars coming in at a local level.

“It will, in many cases, be a shift from local property tax to state funding. It could, but it won’t necessarily, translate.  It is a little hazardous to guess what the legislature will do,” he said.

Schroeder added the decision to shift funding responsibility toward the State will be a boon for rural districts.

In addition to discussing school funding, the move to funding all-day kindergarten has been well received.

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