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Lions Club, Hesston Vet Team Up To Tackle Pet Vaccinations, Registrations

Posted 3/13/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Lions Club is hosting the annual Rabies and Registration clinic on Saturday, March 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Lions Club will be issuing City registration tags for dogs and cats.

Registration fees for spayed or neutered dogs and cats are $3 at the clinic.

Registration for non-spayed and non-neutered pets is $15

March 31 marks the end of the grace-period for City pet registration. Fees for registration increase $.50 per month registration has lapsed.

Rabies vaccinations will also be available at the clinic. A one-year vaccination is $12 for dogs and cats.  A two-year vaccination will be $18. 

In addition to rabies vaccinations Hesston Vet Clinic will be offering parvo vaccinations for $18; kennel cough vaccinations for $12; a feline booster shot for feline distemper for $18 and feline leukemia booster for $18.   The clinic will also be offering a check of intestinal worms for $8 and heartworm testing for $18.

According to Lions Club member Ken Schwanke, last year the club issued 19 dog tags and 11 cat tags issued for City pet registration. 

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