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July 12, 2018 Hesston RecordJuly 12, 2018 Hesston Record

MCC Sale Tops $500,000

Posted 4/13/2017

Record Staff

Raising over half-a-million dollars in just three days is no small feat. However the Kansas MCC Sale crested $537,458 as the unofficial total for the 2017 sale. 

The quilt auction brought in over $116,000 while the general auction reached nearly $110,000.   Food sales were the third-highest grossing category, raising $101,182. 

As more proof that every penny donated matters, the My Coins Count totaled out at over $15,000. 

Individual Totals

Quilt Auction: $116,787.50

General Auction: $109,834.50

Surplus auction: $6,292.00

Silent auction: $6,498.00

Children’s auction: $1,295.00

My coins count: $15,179.16

Feeding the multitude: $51,833.04

Verenika in domestic arts: $29,571.00

Run: $27,929

Baked goods: $19,778.76

Unofficial Sale Total: $537,458.79