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Hustler Launches New Utility Vehicle - The MDV

Posted 4/27/2017

Hesston Record Staff

Wednesday afternoon, Excel Industries rolled a totally new product off the production line - the MDV, Maximum Duty Vehicle. The new machine represents a diversification from the lawnmower manufacturer’s typical product lines.

According to Adam Mullet, the product line will create 40 to 50 new jobs at the Hesston facility.

Currently, Hustler is producing five DMVs per day with plans to increase to 10 and produce about 6,000 per year.

Bob Mullet introduced the latest creation of the manufacturer.  The MDV was a decade-long project in the making. 

Mullet said said in 2005 the concept of the level lift was created and in 2009 the first prototype was created. The patented piece of technology would put the Hustler product ahead of the competition.

Paul Mullet said the design of the MDV is different from other utility vehicles.

“Most utility vehicles are designed around the vehicle, so all the money goes into the suspension and the vehicle then they just put a box on the back.  We decided to design it around the level lift, so that’s how this product came  about,” he said.

Adam Mullet said the MDV is partially the creation of the Spanish company Ausa, which makes construction equipment.

“This was the low end of their product marketing. There is a big market in the US for utility vehicles, but they didn’t have the network. A mutual friend in Europe said they were looking at moving their design. We got in the conversation. We had the technology and needed the platform. This leapt us forward,” he said.

The level lift technology employed on the DMV can lift up to 750 pounds and employ the dump feature at any angle or height. 

“We feel it’s what is needed in the utility vehicle market. One one else has anything like it. We have patented the features and we think it is a good entrance into the market,” said Adam Mullet.

Adam Mullet added Hustler will be utilizing its current dealer network to bring the product to market.  However, he said other utility vehicle dealerships will be considered as the product gains traction, particularly i the western markets.

“In Colorado, Arizona, out that way, there isn’t much grass but there are a lot of people that use utility vehicles. We’re hoping we can begin to establish ourself in those new markets,” he said.

City Administrator Gary Emry said the addition of dozens of new jobs is a major boon for the community.

“If they are able to hire a significant number of those folks that are living here it deepens the circulation of wages that are spent with local businesses through employees paying mortgages with local banks, eating at local restaurants, paying insurance premiums to local agents, purchasing gas, and shopping at the local grocery store just to name a few.

“Those businesses invest in their operation, service, or product and hire additional employees who further circulate money into the local economy. It’s a circle of green,” he said.