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July 12, 2018 Hesston RecordJuly 12, 2018 Hesston Record

New Beginnings And New Possibilities

Posted 4/27/2017


Mayor of Hesston

This is an exciting time to be living in the City of Hesston!  This last week served as a reminder to me of all the activity that is taking place in town right now.  Let me re-cap some of these exciting projects for you.

Excel - On Wednesday, Excel introduced its new Hustler MDV utility vehicle.  This new product is the culmination of many years of market research and engineering.  The vehicle is a four wheel drive utility vehicle that can reach a speed of 37 mph.  What makes it truly unique is the dump bed can stay level while bringing its payload of up to 750 pounds all the way to the ground.  The great news for the city is that Excel continues to invest in their Hesston facility and this product has the potential to add 40-50 new jobs.  I know that the company is excited to begin production and get the product to market!

Casey’s – As Jackie mentioned in the paper last week, Casey’s has begun construction of its new store which will be located directly north of its existing location.  This store will serve as a flagship for the franchise and will be the largest store in 15 states.

Schowalter Villa – On Thursday, the Villa held a ribbon cutting for its new Private Home for Everyone.  This building, located at the northwest corner of Main and Hickory, will allow every resident to have their own room and become the new home of the child care facility.  It will also have some features that will appeal to all Hesston residents such as a café, coffee shop and theatre room.  The exterior of the building is beautifully designed and will serve as a showcase for the Hickory Street corridor that leads to the Villa and Dyck Arboretum.

Recreation Project – Work will begin in April on the new recreation project which includes a new swimming pool, softball and soccer fields, parking and restroom/concession areas.  Several years ago, the city purchased a home at the northeast corner of Ridge and Amos with the idea that the school system could use that area for much needed parking.  This conversation re-started talks about the need for additional softball, baseball and soccer fields.  Our aging pool had been repaired many times through the years but was leaking water badly.  This project will bring Hesston back up to par with our neighboring towns and will provide our youth and recreational participants with excellent facilities for years to come.

Mobile Home Park - We are approximately half way through our resident relocation period after purchasing the park. This week, the Planning and Zoning Commission will hear a presentation by Prairie Fire Development, based out of Kansas City, related to their proposal of redevelopment of the park property. This is the first of what we anticipate to be several presentations from a few developers who have expressed interest in working with the property.

All together, these projects represent a significant investment in our community that will improve the quality of life for everyone!