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Murder Charges Dismissed Against Rangel

Posted 4/6/2017
For The Record
First-degree charges against Myrta Milagro Rangel in connection with an Oct. 30 triple homicide west of Hesston have been dismissed.
Harvey County Attorney David Yoder noted in a press release Wednesday that new charges would be filed by the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s office. He also noted that based on a joint decision between the two offices “Sedgwick County is the best venue for the pursuit of charges against Myrta Rangel.” 
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Rider Accepts Job in BlueValley District

Posted 4/6/2017


Hesston Record Staff

Head football coach Clint Rider, who guided the Swathers to the Class 3A state title game in November, has accepted the same position at Blue Valley Northwest, a 6A school in Overland Park.

He was introduced to his new team Tuesday morning. He told the Swathers he was leaving during a second-hour meeting Monday.

"Today's been a tough day, more of sadness than excitement," he said. "The thing I realize, these kinds of opportunities aren't just some thing you by yourself. It's the culmination of your players, your coaching staff and your administration."

Rider, 29, leaves Hesston with a 36-9 record, the highest winning percentage in school history at .800. His teams advanced in the district playoffs all four years. Before coming to Hesston, he coached for five seasons at his alma mater, Southeast High in Cherokee County, the final two as head coach.

Rider will be undertaking a rebuilding job at Blue Valley Northwest. Mike Zegunis resigned in February after the Huskies won just two games for the second year in a row.

Rider said he wasn't looking to leave Hesston, but a special opportunity just happened to open up.

"They've got a commitment to doing things at a really high level," he said. "If I was going to take another job, really important that school be committed to excellence in everything they do."

Rider said Blue Valley Northwest was nationally known for its academics and was respected across its league. The boys basketball team has won three of the last five state titles.

Rider said his Monday meeting with players was emotional for him.

“I just told them I care about them,” he said. “I love them. This doesn’t change that. Life throws some things at us that we’re not ready for. I just hope they realize it’s not a situation I wanted to run out on. … This is kind of a dream come true for me.”

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Preparing To Feed The Multitudes

Posted 4/6/2017

Record Staff

Over 100 volunteers flooded into Hillsboro’s fair grounds to produce over 20,000 handmade verenike for the MCC Sale this weekend.

Joy Dalke took over the verenike committee four years ago.

“I decided I wanted to get more involved in church, but something a little unusual and not the typical church committee,” she said.

Dalke said as a small-town girl, she realizes how some people can feel as if they cannot make a significant difference in the world. However, she said through helping MCC and providing verenike, she knows she is making an impact.

“They do a lot of good in the weekend of the sale. They raise half-a-million dollars and it goes to places that need help. They sent a group out to western Kansas when they had the fires. They do Mennonite Disaster Servies. Any time there is a disaster, you can find them in some way or form.  They do a lot of good and I don’t know that someone like me has always had the opportunity to make an impact in such a way,” she said.

While Dalke was idealistic heading into volunteer work for MCC, what she didn’t know when she signed up to head the committee was that the year prior, the entire committee had resigned.

“That year we decided to purchase the verenike from The Bread Basket in Newton,” she said.

However, the next year, Dalke and a full-strength committee set to work, ordering supplies, coordinating machinery and over 100 volunteers to continue to tradition of serving hand made verenike at the MCC Sale.

“We made 23,656 verenike that first year. I’ll never forget that number. We have never made that many since. It was quite the feat,” she said.

Dalke said making 20,000 verenike in just over eight hours is no small task, but the committee and the volunteers have the process down to an art.

“We come in on Monday and clean the building. We wash and bleach the strawberry boxes, clean the tables, get the mixer for the dough, crack eggs and wash all  the supplies.

“Volunteers show up at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. We have devotions, a quick ‘This is the process’ and then get to work,” she said.

Volunteers are set at stations with runners delivering dough and cottage cheese to fill the traditional German food. 

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Caseys On Lincoln Expanding To Largest Store In 15-State Area

Posted 4/6/2017

For The Record

The Casey’s gas station on Lincoln Boulevard will be undergoing major renovations in the next six months to become one of the largest of 2,000 stores spanning 15 states, according to James Pistillo, Casey’s Vice President of Accounting and company treasurer.

“It is probably one of the larger ones.  The store size in the newer ones is about 4,300 square feet,” he said.

He projected the store would be completed in August. 

Pistillo added there will be a “substantial increase” in the number of gasoline and diesel pumps. 

“The most advanced build of a Casey’s today includes an expanded cooler space, walk-in beer cave, a sub-station. And, a lot of our newest stores have expanded offerings in pizza and prepared food areas,” he said.

Pistillo said in this instance the company was working off a footprint of a competitor.

“We’ve come to the conclusion and believe there is an opportunity that offerings can be expanded and through that process we are undertaking a renovation,” he said.

He said Casey’s analyzes location and traffic flow when selecting a location for renovation.

“It creates an opportunity to grow our customer base.  In our experience the newer and nicer the store, the cleaner and newer, the more traffic.

“Every decision we make, we look at current offerings to a community and what we think we can bring to a store to potentially improve services and offerings,” he said.

One of the major hurdles of a renovation was already overcome at the Hesston site - land.

“Part of the challenge, if we look at it and say ‘We have to buy land or negotiate for more land to get the size we want in this store.’ In this case, we have the land; we don’t have that hurdle. That helps,” he said. 

Pistillo said in this case the store is already open 24 hours.

“We want the ability to serve the community with drive-up and commercial trucking and combine both services in one footprint. That’s part of what we have - an opportunity to improve traffic flow.  Any time we purchase a store from a competitor, we look for ways to improve,” he said.

Pistillo said this early in the process, he is unaware of any closure dates for the store.  However, he emphasized any closure would be “temporary.” 

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Daylight Donuts Reopens Under Old Management

Posted 4/6/2017

Record Staff

Hesston residents will once again be able to get their breakfast fix at Daylight Donuts in Old Town Square.

Following its closure in late December of 2016, the business has had a handful of potential buyers, “but never got anything put together,” according to owner Mike Weber. 

Weber said he and his wife, Shirley, are re-opening the shop Thursday through Saturday. 

“So many people have been asking, ‘When is it coming back?’” he said. 

Weber, who operated the store in conjunction with D’Angelos Pizza, operated Daylight Donuts for two years before selling the business.

“It’s not a new brand for us, but we are re-doing it,” he said.

Weber said the business is still for sale, but he is hoping having it open three days a week will entice buyers.

“We need to do something with it. No one is going to look at it as a closed business,” he said.

Weber said Daylight Donuts, as a business, could offer much more than just breakfast.

“It’s an opportunity for someone. I really think if someone wanted to make a true opportunity for themselves, there’s an opportunity for a bakery-type product. There’s a kitchen with a bakery in it. We can put an oven in for cookies, cinnamon rolls, any of that custom order stuff,” he said.

Weber added he was looking forward to reviving corporate contracts with larger businesses in town.

“I know there are people in town, AGCO has morning meetings, the school; Excel; King Construction. All these people have meetings and they are morning meetings. What else are they going to do?” he said.

Weber said while the people who are in those early-morning meetings are in bed, he and his staff will be spending many late nights in the kitchen.

“We’re going to try to start in the evening and hopefully be done by midnight-ish so I can go home and get to bed and get up at 6 a.m. and go to work at Chisholm Trail and Shirley can go drive the bus; and figure out how to get chores done, and get to school board, and the kids’ activities and get to church,” he said.

When it came to staffing, Weber said he is giving his current employees the opportunity to pick up more hours, rather than hiring new employees. 

Weber added as with any locally-owned business, the money spent at Daylight Donuts stays in the community.

“Come. Eat. Support local shops. It is owned by folks who live in the local area. It’s not corporate, sending money out of town. If it’s earned here, it stays here,” he said. 

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Daughters Of The King Gives Girls A Self Confidence Boost

Posted 4/6/2017

Record Staff

Ashley Hastings gathered nearly 60 middle school-aged girls on Saturday morning and afternoon to spread the message that they are all priceless during Daughters of the King at Hesston MB Church.

Hastings said 59 girls attended the two-session event.

“The theme was Priceless.  Me and a few other youth group girls came up with the theme at Southern District Youth Conference. We heard the song ‘Priceless’ by Four Kingdom Country, so we decided it would be a good theme,” she said.

Hastings said the day was aimed to help give girls a boost of self esteems and self worth.

“God sees us as priceless, and our value is priceless, even though sometimes you don’t think of yourself that way. You think of yourself as worth less than it is,” said Hastings.

The event centered around girls in middle school, which Hastings, a senior at Hesston High called “a hard age.” 

“One of the biggest issues girls that age deal with is self-confidence and self image,” she said.

Hastings added that there will still be times these young women experience self doubt and face naysayers. However, they will have had a boost through Daughters of the King. 

“Negative things don’t matter because your self worth is a whole lot more than you think and God has a plan for you,” she said. 

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Community Foundation Opens Up Scholarships

Posted 4/6/2017

Record Staff

Hesston High seniors looking for financial aid for college have two scholarship opportunities currently open; G51 and Excel Industries scholarships for $1,000 each.

Both scholarships are under the umbrella of the Hesston Community Foundation.

“Sometimes students screen themselves out of the process.  I really believe anyone with the goal of attending college should be willing to take the time and energy required to complete a scholarship application.  And I would like to see students do so carefully and intentionally,” said Community Foundation Director Susan Lamb.

Kristie Diller, Program Officer of Scholarships at the Central Kansas Community Foundation, the umbrella organization of the Hesston Community Foundation, said she was pleased to see local individuals and businesses assist aspiring students. 

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