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September 7, 2017 The Hesston RecordSeptember 7, 2017 The Hesston Record

Hesston Pool League Hosts First Ever 9-Ball Tourney

Posted 8/16/2017

Record Staff

The Hesston Senior Pool League hosted its first ever 9-Ball tournament last Thursday morning, organized by Steve Augustine. Teams from across the tri-county area convened at the Hesston Wellness Center for the tournament with 32 players entered.

“The reason is so we can have a tournament here and make some money for our team. We need some new covers because they’re getting ratty, and it’s fun for the players too,” he said.

In the fast-paced play, G. A. Carr of Hutchinson came out in first place; Chris Heckard of Goessel took second and Walt Eberhardt of Inman placed third.

Augustine said the tournament was an opportunity to show what the Hesston team has to offer for facilities and showcase its ability to host a well-run tournament. 

“The championship tournament was moved to Lindsborg, and we wanted to remind people we can still host a very good tournament here in Hesston,” said Augustine.

John McGehee said part of being a good host was arriving with donuts and hot coffee for players to enjoy.

  1. A. Carr said he has been an avid pool player for “a long time”

“These guys are all good guys and it’s fun to play,” he said.

Keith Coy also with Hutchinson said he has been playing pool since 1990.

“It’s just a lot of fun. Win or lose to me it makes no difference because I really enjoy it,”

Ken Vogts interjected, “He does a lot more losing!”

David Johnson with the Hesston team said, “I was elected as co-captain and I like to do this kind of thing.”

Augustine said membership for the pool league is open to all residents over 53, but primarily attracts men.

“We are looking for more people interested in playing on our pool team. If you are interested, you can contact me,” he said.

Augustine can be reached at 620-327-4124. The team practices Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9 a.m. at the Hesston Wellness Center.