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September 7, 2017 The Hesston RecordSeptember 7, 2017 The Hesston Record

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors; Casey’s To Install Fence, Tree Row Between Construction, Neighborhood

Posted 8/24/2017


Residents on Wedgewood and Rosewood will be seeing less of the improvements at Caseys.  On Aug. 14, the Hesston City Council heard an update from City Administrator Gary Emry on the fencing and screening between Casey’s expanded parking lot and the residential neighborhood behind the new construction.

Emry said he met with Casey’s representatives regarding the northwest corner of the property “and explained the concerns of residents adjacent to the property to the north.”

Emry said Casey’s was willing to address the issue and had planned to erect a 70-foot long, 6-foot-tall chain link fence with colored slatting along the property.  However, Emry said 70 feet would not be sufficient and Casey’s agreed to an additional 30 feet of fencing to be placed along the back of the property. 

“They also agreed to an evergreen screen beyond the fence that, when fully grown, would address the issue of screening density in the area,” said Emry. 


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