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Have A Hideous Holiday

Posted 12/14/2017

Hesston Record Staff

For the second year, the Weaver Family is taking their family feud to the public to settle with their Ugly Ornament Contest, with voting taking place through the week before Christmas. 

Brothers Rick, David and Bruce Weaver as well as their families, have posted nearly a dozen of this season’s ugliest ornaments at Lincoln Perk for residents to vote on with their spare change. The ornament with the most monetary votes will be the winner of this year’s Ugly Ornament Contest.

“There’s a lot of traffic here and the Perk has been very kind to let us do this and give us good visibility,”

said Rick. 

“Plus, we don’t trust any one of us to make an objective decision, so we’ve taken it to the public,” quipped David. 

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Decorating Downtown With Holiday Cheer

Posted 12/14/2017

Hesston Record StaffKREHBIEL

This year, the Hesston Chamber of Commerce and Hesston Schools are cooperating to bring holiday cheer to businesses around town. 

Dozens of pieces of art adorn windows throughout the business areas.  These one-of-a-kind creations are by artists at Hesston Elementary and Hesston Middle School. 

“Since we’re needing new Christmas decorations, I wanted to make things more festive around the community. I talked to the art teachers and asked if they were interested,” said Chamber of Commerce Director Becky Galloway. 

“My favorites are the nutcrackers. Every one is unique and fun; some of them are just hilarious.  There are over 60 of them,” she said. 

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AGCO Gives Positive Projections For 2018

Posted 12/14/2017

By Jacquelyn Nelson

Hesston Record Staff

Will Wesolowsky, Director of Finance at AGCO, addressed the City Council on Monday evening with encouraging news about the manufacturer during a request for $6.6 million in Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs). 

Wesolowsky said he was looking forward to a 7-10 percent uptick in next year’s budget over 2017.  

“The market is still pretty tough out there, but there are some glimmers of hope in other regions,” he said. 

He said dealers struggled primarily with too many used machines on the market and AGCO has slowly been bleeding down inventory. 

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Confessing My Distrust Of Doctors

Posted 12/14/2017

Rusty's Ramblings Column

By Rusty Whitcher

It’s no secret I’m somewhat of a klutz. Wait, let’s be honest, my klutziness is of epic proportions leading to incredible truthful stories involving accidents, crashes and faceplants, followed by injuries. 

Often when I’m hauling myself out of whatever wreckage in which I landed not-so-gently, I soon realize I’m going to be hurting. So, often this leads me to hobbling around, with people always asking me if I’ve been to see a doctor, etc. 

Here is the problem, I don’t like doctors. I’ve had too many bad run-ins with doctors which have left me slightly distrustful of the whole medical process. When I was five, the people administering shots messed up twice, turning my arms into proverbial pin cushions. When I was 13, I was having blood drawn weekly to explore any side effects of a medication for my linear scleroderma. The last time I was slated to have the blood drawn, the nurse couldn’t find a vein in either arm, wrenching what felt like a pitchfork into the soft tissue opposite my elbow.

But the kicker was something I call the Incident. 

I was a freshman in high school (Jan. of 1992), a period when self-confidence is at an all-time low and noticed something was wrong with my face. I struggled to say anything starting with the letter “f” and the left side of my face seemed to be immobile during a Friday night basketball game. On the way home, I told my dad what was happening. He was worried I was having some type of stroke, but my parents decided to wait until Monday to take me to my doctor.

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