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Grady Pauls; Heading Into Hutch Sports Hall Of Fame

Posted 12/28/2017


Hesston Record StaffPROVIDED PHOTO
GRADY Pauls is pictured from his playing days at Hutchinson Community College.PROVIDED PHOTO GRADY Pauls is pictured from his playing days at Hutchinson Community College.

Grady Pauls vaguely remembers getting called into the superintendent’s office at Hesston Golf Course, where he received an admonishment about practicing wedge shots in the fairway from 100 yards out.

“Oh, you can’t do that?” he responded.

The 2005 Hesston High School graduate spent his summers at the course trying to realize his goal of getting a Division I scholarship. A social life was hard to find with all the work it takes to get to that level.

“It consumes you,” Paul said. “It’s what I wanted. You know, it taught me a lot of about life, how to work for something and what you get when you do work for something.”

What he got, besides a scholarship to Wichita State University and eventually a job as club manager at his home course, was word earlier this month that he was a member of the Hutchinson Community College Quarterback Club’s 2018 induction class. He is the first golfer to receive the honor. A ceremony will be held at halftime of the Feb. 10 men’s basketball game against Butler County.

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When I Grow Up; Hesston 8th Graders Preview Work And Life

Posted 12/28/2017

By Jacquelyn Nelson

Hesston Middle School students display their eighth-grade career fair projects. HESSTON RECORD PHOTOS Hesston Middle School students display their eighth-grade career fair projects.

Teens were getting an up-close look at real life during the Hesston Middle School Eighth Grade Career Fair. 

Students not only explored a chosen profession, but also were responsible for all of the expenses of adulthood and creating a budget based on their individual incomes. 

Eighth grade teacher Shannon Rewerts said the section is an eye-opener for many students as they work through some of the economic realities of adulthood.

“A lot of kids - in fact most kids - do not think they can live off a $40,000 salary. They envision their salaries being they have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to live,” he said. 

Colleague Dave Woodward said each year he enjoys seeing students’ initial budget estimations. 

“Several kids will come up with $100,000 a month because they think car insurance is $1,000; a house is $10,000 and food is a ton. They just don’t know,” he said. 

However, Woodward remarked many of the boys were unenthused about insurance. 

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Shots Fired By Hesston PD In Skunk Standoff

Posted 12/28/2017

Record Staff

On Christmas eve, Hesston Police officer Steven Drzymalla engaged in a smelly shoot-out in the 600 block of Random Road.  

Drzymalla was called to Random Road to dispatch a skunk that had been seen wandering the neighborhood during the day. 

Drzymalla fired four shots to kill the critter. However the skunk was not going down without a fight, spraying the officer at least once before succumbing to its injuries. 

City crews were called to the scene to dispose of the carcass.