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Posted 1/13/2017
We have CONFIRMATION that the two suspects from our triple homicide on
October 30th
Both Myrta Rangel and Jereme Nelson have been arrested on their warrants
and are on American soil awaiting extradition back to Kansas! We do not
have any further information to share regarding the details of the arrest,
but we hope to have more information for you next week!
Sheriff Chad Gay
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HPD Handles 3,500 Calls

Posted 1/12/2017

By Jackie Nelson

In 2016, the Hesston Police Department not only handled major emergencies that occurred throughout the year and assisted in major investigations, but also managed the 3,520 everyday calls for assistance and patrol. Last year HPD handled 3,248 calls.

The most common call for 2016 was theft (55 reports), followed by drivers license violations (50), according to Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder.

However, Hesston PD did seize four guns and several thousand dollars related to drug trafficking through the area.

“[Civil forfeiture] will be a big topic this legislative session.   Approximately $5,000 for the Hesston Police Department and approximately $31,000 for an outside agency as the result of using our K-9 at their traffic stop.  There are several cases still in the civil courts that could result in judgement of other funds from 2016 criminal cases,” he said.  

Schroeder said while there were several ways to break down the data, there were actually fewer cases than is reflected by the number of offenses reported.

“I will point out that each notation is a single case, although there may be multiple offenses under that single count.  For example, if a person were stopped for speeding and arrested for driving with a suspended license, misd. possession of drugs and possession of stolen property, it would only count for one single case,” he said. 

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Coyotes Claiming Territory In Town

Posted 1/12/2017

Jackie Nelson

Wile and Ralph have been spotted making tracks across Hesston.  Officer Chris Eilert spotted a pair of coyotes making their way to the Hesston Golf Course.

Eilert posted on social media while on third shift last week he saw the animals and they “appeared big and healthy.” 

Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder said if residents encounter coyotes on or near their property there are limited options for how to deal with them.

While some residents may reach for a rifle or even a pellet gun to deter the animals from returning, Schroder reminded residents, “It is illegal to discharge a firearm, air rifle, slingshot or bow inside city limits.’

While coyotes are nuisances to most Kansans, they are not classified as vermin, but rather as non-game animals.

“For most purposes they are handled similar to other animals in the furbearers classification. The biggest difference is furbearers have specific trapping seasons and limits, whereas coyotes can be trapped year-round and there is no limit,” he said.

For wild animals making their way into town, Schroeder said protocol depends largely on the animal and its condition. 

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Poultry And Pajamas At Storytime Under The Stars

Posted 1/12/2017

Record Staff

Hesston Public Library Director Libby Albers did not ‘bawk’ at the prospect of donning a chicken costume to give children a storyitme to remember at the January Storytime Under the Stars program on Monday Night.

Albers donned a bright yellow chicken costume and read barnyard themed books well into the evening for dozens of Hesston children.

“We host the program once a month during the winter months when the sun goes down early and its too cold to play at the park,” said Albers.

This is the third year for the program, which was founded with a grant from the South Central Kansas Library System. 

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Council Discusses Land Bank Creation For City Property

Posted 1/12/2017

Record Staff

Monday evening the Hesston City Council took steps to create a land bank, under the advisement of City Attorney J.T. Klaus.

The land bank would allow the city to own property available for sale while the property remained tax-free and any specials on the property were temporarily halted.

All of the property in the land bank would be for public sale and the land bank board would be comprised of city council members, as well as the City Clerk, Jason Thrasher, as a non-voting member.

“You would need to have a separate budget if you acquire any land and for operational requirements set forth by statute,” said Klaus.

Klaus gave a hypothetical example of how the land bank could function in Hesston.

“If you were to ultimately subdivide the mobile home park into residential lots, you could convey the lots to the land bank to hold for sale. During that time, there would be no property taxes,” he said.

Klaus added each January, the land bank would publish its holdings and properties for sale in the newspaper of record - The Hesston Record.

Klaus said while all  the property within a land bank is for sale, the board is not obligated to take a low price or sell property for a use undesirable to the board.

“Everything in the land bank is for sale... How actively you seek purchasers is entirely up to the land bank, including it can pay realtors to sell property as it deems appropriate, or decide not to sell,” he said. 

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