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HPD Chief Doug Schroeder To Receive Presidential Medal Of Valor

Posted 7/27/2017
For The Record
On Thursday afternoon, President Donald Trump announced Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder will be one of the recipients for the Presidential Medal of Valor.   
Hesston Mayor Dave Kauffman made the announcement at 1 p.m. today to City employees and congratulated Schroeder on his accomplishment. 
Kauffman read an email sent by Gregory Joy, the Designated Federal Officer who is responsible for administering the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor program. 
“It is my honor to inform you that Chief Doug Schroeder has been cited by the U.S. Attorney General for the 2015-2016 Medal of Valor,” Kauffman read. 
Schroeder was nominated for the award following his actions during the shooting at Excel Industries Feb. 26, 2016.  Schroeder entered the building without backup, located the active shooter and brought an end to the shooting spree.  
City Administrator Gary Emry said Schroeder’s nomination was submitted “a long time ago, and because of the transition between the Obama and Trump administrations it was put on hold for the last several months.” 
Emry added, in speaking with Joy on Wednesday afternoon, very few individuals from the Midwest have been included in the awards. 
“The Midwest hasn’t had many selectees. An FBI agent couldn’t remember the last time one was selected from the Midwest, it was five, six, seven years ago. It’s been that long.  Last year someone from Oklahoma City was cited, but as far as our state, this is something that is rare and well-deserved,” he said. 
Emry said Schroeder and “a select group of people” will travel to Washington D.C. to attend the award ceremony where Schroeder will be awarded the medal, either by President Donald Trump or by Vice President Mike Pence. Emry said the date of the ceremony is still unknown. 
An official White House announcement was made shortly after 2 p.m. on Thursday afternoon. 
More information, as well as remarks from Chief Schroeder will appear in the Aug. 3 edition of The Hesston Record. 
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Magic A Family Affair

Posted 7/27/2017

HESSTON RECORD STAFFDAN Dan The Magic Man entertained children and adults with his Three Little Pigs show July 21.DAN Dan The Magic Man entertained children and adults with his Three Little Pigs show July 21.

The Heath family has been traveling across Kansas, spreading magic and literacy as one of the only live entertainment acts for the Summer Reading Program.  In his 17th season, Dan Dan The Magic Man returned to Hesston on July 21 to wow audiences of all ages.

Dan Heath and his son, Patrick Heath, are the two stars of the traveling show.

“My wife and I are both teachers at Great Bend high school, so this is a summer gig. We’re committed to literacy and kids that don’t read during the summer get that brain drain. This creates a little excitement,” said Dan. 

Each year, the performers build their show around the national Summer Reading Program theme - this year it is Build A Better World.

“Since this year it was building, my first thought was The Three Little Pigs, and I already had the straw coming out of the bag gag. It started there and expanded,” he said.

Dan dug through is cabinet of tricks and found elements that would fit the theme and progress a storyline in the show.

“I love having a show that has a narrative clear through.  I look and ask ‘How can I make this carry through’ and see what magic I can adapt. I knew at the end I wanted the Big Bad Wolf to turn into a guinea pig. It was a matter of how do I do it and have it make sense,” he said.

As soon as the Summer Reading Program theme is announced Dan said he is planning his show.

“We start in November, doing the writing and by March I have it outlined and have stuff together.  By the end of May and beginning of June, we are booking shows,” he said.

Patrick chimed in, “It’s, like, July, before we have a show. Through June we’re just winging it.” 

However, with 25-35 performances per season, 33 for this summer, the Heaths have plenty of practice.

“Setting up is the fun part, but tearing down, during the show you’re just throwing things and you make a horrible mess.  This stuff has to last, so you can’t leave anything. It’s pack small, play big,” said Dan.

Patrick said in helping his father travel and pack the shows has been a summer job for several years.

“I get paid for it,” he quipped, “But, a lot of my friends don’t believe me when I say my dad’s a magician and we do shows in the summer.” 

Patrick added, magic has been a family business since he was a child.

“I kind of just grew up with him pulling magic tricks on me - at restaurants making the salt disappear,” he said.

Dan said all four of his children have been exposed to magic their whole lives.

“It was fun to watch each one of them go from ‘Dad is magical’ to ‘My dad does magic,’ Watching each one of them come to that in their own way was fun,” he said.

During performances, Patrick said, one of the highlights for him is watching children begin questioning themselves and the magic.

“I love it when the kids are like, seven, and in denial about magic. Then you do the Rubik’s Cube trick and they just reevaluate their life. Magic is real. They don’t smile, they just stare like, ‘...Wait...’ I love that,” he said.

Dan added as a performer simply seeing kids react to his tricks is worth the hours of driving, from Great Bend to performances in Topeka and even to Galena.  Over the years and through his travels, Dan said he is now seeing the next generation of children attend his shows.

“We had a teacher at Great Bend high school that came to see me in Hoisington and in the hallway he just stops and says, ‘You’re Dan Dan The Magic Man! I came to see you as a kid!’ I think that’s one of those extra joys,” he said. 

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Shuttle Service Available to All Residents

Posted 7/27/2017


HESSTON RECORD STAFFHarvey County Interurban Transportation BusHarvey County Interurban Transportation Bus


Many Hesston senior citizens use the services of Harvey Interurban for medical appointments, grocery shopping and even an occasional field trip.

Yet, many Harvey County residents might not be aware that the transportation service is available to all residents. Fees are set up on a sliding scale, depending on need, and Interurban’s buses and minivans will take passengers to any adjoining county. For instance, a trip to and from Wichita typically costs $20. The only other requirement is that one must provide at least 24 hours notification.

Robert Carlton, director of the Harvey County Department on Aging and Senior Services, said Interurban typically went to Wichita twice a day. Towne East Square on the east side of Wichita is a popular destination.

“In Newton, there’s various places they go, but Dillons and Walmart are probably the top two,” he said. Some passengers prefer to shop at Prairie Harvest.

Joe Hall, who has been a driver for a year, said one Hesston resident requested Interurban three times a week. A lot of his time is spent driving to doctor’s offices. Some of his passengers have their own vehicles, but they don’t feel comfortable driving in Wichita.

“I would say it’s extremely important,” he said. “I had numerous people tell me they wouldn’t know what to do to get to medical appointments, and to the mall and shopping.”

The service provides curb-to-curb transportation. Hall said he usually had other trips to make in between the timeframe a passenger might want to spend shopping. He does haul some younger people.

Carlton said Hutchinson was probably the second most common destination. For instance, interurban could provide transportation for Hesston Senior Center if a group wanted to visit the Cosmosphere.

Carlton said Interurban normally operated between 8 a.m.-5 p.m., but earlier trips can be scheduled.

“We do take people to the airport,” he said. “That’s usually the only transportation we do on a Saturday or a Sunday, and that’s if there’s a driver available.”

A Kansas Department of Transportation grant funds most of the cost of the service, and Harvey County pays the rest. The county has contributed $33,400 to the transportation the past couple of years. In 2016, Interurban provided 13,032 trips totaling 68,531, according to the county budget. Roughly one-third of those were for trips outside the county.

“It helps keep people be as independent as possible,” Carlton said.

To make an appointment with Interurban, call 316-284-6802.

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USD 460 Hosting Enrollment Aug. 3

Posted 7/27/2017

FOR THE RECORDHesston SwatherHesston Swather

Enrollment Day for students attending Hesston USD 460 schools will be Thursday, Aug. 3, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Hesston High School Commons. 

Enrollment packets were previously mailed to returning students and known new students.  Parents/guardians who have questions about enrollment, or who have not yet received an enrollment packet for their student(s), may call the district office at 620-327-4931, ext. 3000.

In addition to enrollment, USD 460 is announcing its participation in the Child Nutrition Programs administered by the Kansas State Department of Education.

Local school officials have adopted the following household income guidelines for determining eligibility for Child Nutrition Program benefits.


Household Size Free Benefits Reduced Price Benefits

1 - $15,678 - $22,311

2 - 21,112 - 30,044

3 - 26,546 - 37,777

4 - 31,980 - 45,510

5 - 37,414 - 53,243

6 - 42,848 - 60,976

7 - 48,282 - 68,709

8 - 53,716 - 76,442

For each additional household member add $5,434 and $7,733

Application forms and an informational letter to households are available from the school district or private school. Additional copies are available at the principal’s business office in each school.

Applications may

be submitted at any time during the year. An application for reduced price or free Child Nutrition Program

benefits cannot be approved unless it contains complete eligibility information as indicated on the application and instructions.

Households receiving Food Assistance or Temporary Assistance to Families (TAF) will be notified that their children will be provided free benefits unless the household notifies the school that it chooses to decline benefits. Households receiving assistance under these programs should submit an application only if they are not notified of their eligibility by a specified date determined by the schools.

If a household receiving Food Assistance, TAF, or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), completes an application, the children’s names, the Food Assistance, TAF or FDPIR case number, and the signature of an adult household member must be provided.

Participants in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) may be eligible for reduced price or free benefits. Households with WIC participants should complete an application as described above.

Households with children who are enrolled in the Head Start/Even Start Program or the Migrant Education Program or who are considered homeless or runaway by the school district’s homeless liaison should contact the school for assistance in receiving benefits.

Foster children that are under the legal responsibility of a State child welfare agency or court, are eligible for free meals, regardless of income. The State must retain legal custody of a child. Households will be notified that the foster child(ren) will be provided free benefits unless the household notifies the school that it chooses to decline benefits.

Free eligibility is not extended to other students in households with foster children, but households with a foster child(ren) can submit an application and list all household members including the foster child(ren). A foster family application could result in different eligibility for family members such as the foster child(ren) free and the other students could be reduced or free or not eligible for benefits.

Households not receiving Food Assistance, TAF, or FDPIR apply for benefits by completing one application for all children in the household. The application must list names of everyone in the household, the amount of income each household member now receives, source of income, the last four digits of the Social Security number of the household member who signs the application or a statement that the household member does not possess one, and the signature of an adult household member certifying that the information provided is correct.

The information is confidential and will be used only for the purpose of determining eligibility. The eligibility status may be verified at any time during the school year by school or other program officials.

Under provisions of the reduced price and free benefit policy, the Determining Official will review

applications and determine eligibility.

Parents or guardians who are dissatisfied with the ruling of the official may wish to discuss the decision with the Determining Official on an informal basis. Parents wishing to make a formal appeal may make a request either orally or in writing for a hearing on the decision. The Hearing Official is: Ben Proctor, Superintendent, 150 N Ridge Rd, PO Box 2000, Hesston, KS 67062; 620-327-4931 or toll-free 800-658-3727. 


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Celebrate Hope In Harvey County This Saturday

Posted 7/27/2017

FOR THE RECORDHopeFest Harvey County Resource FestivalHopeFest Harvey County Resource Festival

It is time for HopeFest. The 2017 Harvey County Resource Festival will be held from 9 a.m. to noon, on Saturday, July 29 at the Newton Recreation Center, 414 N. Poplar in Newton.

HopeFest is a free fun festival for all ages. There will be a variety of activities and the opportunity to discover the numerous resources that are available for Harvey County residents.

Features at the 2017 HopeFest include bouncy houses, Newton fire truck and ambulance outside on 5th Street.  Inside the Rec Center, come play games, do crafts, enjoy kids’ activities and listen to musical entertainment while finding out what Harvey County non-profit organizations have to offer you.

Thirty-eight exhibitors - all non-profit organizations - have signed up to have tables at HopeFest.

Free health screenings will be offered for dental, hearing, vision and blood pressure checks. Newton Lions Club will provide the hearing and vision screening at HopeFest which can be done starting at six months of age. If a vision problem is found, Newton Lions will give the person a free vision appointment with a local optometrist.

HopeFest is geared toward all ages.

Youth organizations such as 4-H will set up tables. Find out about the exciting things happening with the Healthy Harvey Coalition to improve the lives of Harvey County residents.  Need a job, WorkforceONE can help.

Discover community service opportunities through groups like the Lions Club or volunteering with Peace Connections. For seniors, learn about Bluestem PACE, mental stimulation at Newton Public Library and fitness with Newton Rec/Wellness Center. These are just a few who will be at HopeFest.

There will be a free Book Swap table with titles for all ages and door prizes. 

A free lunch will be prepared by All Nations Church and Salvation Army for the first 200 attendees. The Salvation Army is donating the meat for the sandwiches and Big Brothers Big Sisters is providing the veggies.

HopeFest is sponsored by Newton Medical Center, Newton Et Cetera Shop and Harvey County Resource Council.

"The Harvey County HopeFest is a wonderful event that highlights so many great opportunities available here in Harvey County.  We are excited to add several new resources this year, such as services for job seekers. Event goers will be able to participate in a book exchange, FREE health screens and so much more.  There will be lots of activities for the kids as well.  There is truly something for everyone!” said Sandra Bradley of CASA: A Voice for Children.


2017 HopeFest Participants:

Acupuncture Newton

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Bluestem Communities

Bluestem PACE

CASA: A Voice for Children

Girl Scouts

Grand Central

Harvey County Health Department

Harvey County Health Department-  WIC

Health Ministries Clinic

Healthy Harvey  Coalition

Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Centers

Kansas Farmworker's Health Program

K-State Research  & Extension - SHICK

K-State Research  & Extension- 4-H


Narcotics Anonymous

New Hope (Homeless Shelter)

New Jerusalem Mission

Newton Community for Racial Justice

Newton Fire/EMS - Fall Safety and Prevention

Newton Public Library

Newton Lions Club

Newton Medical Center

Newton Recreation Commission

Offender Victim Ministries

Parents As Teachers

Peace Connections

Prairie Independent Living Resource Center

Prairie View

Roger Eichelberger

Safe Hope (Domestic Violence)

Salvation Army


TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

Trinity Heights Respite Care

Valley Hope




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