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May 17, 2018 The Hesston RecordMay 17, 2018 The Hesston Record

Ridge Road Resurfacing Will Continue Through Summer

Posted 6/15/2017

Record Staff

Hesston residents will have been hard pressed to miss the construction work happening on Ridge Road from 12th Street to the McPherson County line.

The work, which is part of regularly scheduled maintenance by Harvey County, is a cooperative effort between the county and the City of Hesston.

Harvey County Road and Bridge Superintendent Jim Meier said the project will be a two-part project with outside lanes being resurfaced and finished before the two inside lanes are milled and overlaid later this summer.

Hesston Street Superintendent Jim Erb said the project requires a great deal of coordination and cooperation with the county.

“We are paying for the outside two lanes and Harvey County pays for the inside two lanes,” he said.

Erb explained the road needed to be resurfaced in two different stages because two different methods of resurfacing will be used on each lane.

“On the inside two lanes, they’re doing a process called hot in place recycling.  There’s too much eat with that process to be right next to a curb, so we have to do a different process on the outside two lanes,” he said.

Erb said while there are two different resurfacing methods being used, all of Ridge Road will receive a two-inch mill and overlay.

“It has no impact on the drivability of the road once it’s done,” he said.

Meier added the timing of the project had to be carefully coordinated between the city, county and contractor to ensure minimal disruption to traffic, particularly in areas in Hesston that are already seeing a great deal of construction work.

“It’s been a wonderfully cooperative effort between BNSF, KNO, the city, the county, the contractor; everyone worked well and that’s all to the taxpayers’ benefit,” said Meier.

Meier said the last time Ridge Road was resurfaced was in 2006.

“It’s held up really well and we hope to get another 11 years. That’s a long time for pavement,” he said.

The total project cost, including Hesston’s contribution for the current construction (not the hot in place contract) is $975,592.75 according to Meier. The inner two lanes, according to Meier will represent $402,220. According to City Administrator Gary Emry, “our cost for our two lanes was approximately $130,000.”

Meier said bids for the project came in unusually low this year.

“KDOT has no work for these guys and contractors are hungry for work.  They’re having to go out of state. For the first time in my career, good prices have nothing to do with crude prices. It’s just not market driven; it’s driven by the need for work.

“Harvey County happens to have some money. We have other projects that contractors want. The want to stay close to home and survive,” he said.

• Randall Road between Ridge Road and Old Highway 81 also had a two-inch mill and overlay done to repair the surface.

• The railroad crossing at Lincoln Boulevard and Old Highway 81 was also improved, with new pavement laid on the easement owned by the railroad company.