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July 12, 2018 Hesston RecordJuly 12, 2018 Hesston Record

Police Catch Wedgwood Car Burglars

Posted 6/22/2017

Record Staff

Hesston Police Sergant Chris Carter said Andre B. Howard and Chaz W. Howard, both of Newton, were arrested in connection to eight car burglaries on June 16.

“We don’t have all the reports completed yet. There are eight cases and Officer [Chris] Eilert is on those,” said Carter.

Carter said officers had a “backwards investigation” of the car burglaries.

“An officer had contact with one of them, but not during the commission of the crime,” he said.

Officers noticed one of the arrestees on foot in the area before the burglaries were discovered.

“We found the person, then fond the crime. It was a backwards investigation. From there, they were located in Newton,” Carter said.

With regards to charges, Carter said Hesston PD will turn over paperwork to the County Attorney’s office, who will then determine what charges Andre Howard and Chaz Howard will be facing.

Carter also gave an update on the string of commercial burglaries.

“The cases aren’t wrapped up. We are still compiling paperwork that needs to be sent to the County Attorney for charging.

“We can’t release the suspect’s name that this time,” he said.

Carter said staffing issues have delayed getting charges and paperwork completed in a timely manner.