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July 12, 2018 Hesston RecordJuly 12, 2018 Hesston Record

New Police Clerk Fits Department Well

Posted 3/23/2017

By Blake Spurney

Hesston Record Staff

New Hesston Police Department clerk Gloria Arellano should be a familiar face to longtime residents.

She began working with the department as a reserve officer in 1997.

“I remember how young Chief [Doug Schroeder] used to be with his hair,” she said. She used to go on ride-alongs with him back in the 1990s.

“I knew he was going to be something,” she said. “He had that ambition.”

"We knew she was a wonderful fit for our department and for the community, mainly due to her organizational and people skills,” Schroeder said.

Arellano replaces Jeannine Hoheisel, who recently retired.

“Oh wow, those are big shoes to fill,” Arellano said. “She was kind enough to be with me for three weeks. She is a book of knowledge, I’ll tell you that. Very patient.”

Arellano previously worked as clerk for Newton Police Department and Newton Municipal Court. Therefore, she's been around people who have been less than pleased to be spending an afternoon in traffic court. She said she hadn't yet had any negative interactions with the public.

"When that does happen, it's not going to faze me," she said. "You have to try to defuse the situation. I think I do that pretty well. I'm not one to argue. Treat people with respect no matter what they did wrong."

"I think that's the biggest one," Hoheisel said about dealing with the public. "Everyone's due that respect and fairness."

Hesston has six full-time police officers and one reserve officer. Arellano said Sgt. Chris Carter was the funniest officer. "Some stuff that comes out of his mouth just makes you laugh," she said.

Arellano has two children, Veronica Bargill and Paul Mosqueda, and four grandchildren with one on the way. When she's not working or spending time with family, she enjoys volunteering with the Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center in Newton. The organization helps children who have been victims of abuse or neglect, and she has served on its board of directors since 2000. She previously worked as a wedding decorator, which is an interest to which she plans to return when she retires.

Arellano was born in southern California, and she moved to Newton more than 20 years ago. Hesstonians have been hospitable since she started working at the police department Feb. 21.

"The people in town are so inviting," she said. "They're just so welcoming. That's a good thing."