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HAS Hosting Irish Meal On St. Patricks Day

Posted 3/8/2017

Record Staff

For over 20 years, the Hesston Area Senior Center has been celebrating St. Patricks Day with an authentic Irish dish - potatoes.

In addition, residents wanting to see if they have the luck of the Irish can purchase raffle tickets to win $50 in Chamber Bucks throughout the month.  Tickets will be on sale one for $1 or six for $5. The Pot of Gold drawing will be held on April 1 during the Community Breakfast and April Foolish Garage Sale.  

Marla Sharp, Director of HAS, said the event was one of the center’s first fundraisers and continues to be a success. 

“Everything thinks of having an Irish potato on St. Patrick’s Day. This year, the Potato Bar actually falls on St. Pat’s Day,” she said.

Sharp said the meal is an opportunity for community members to come together and celebrate with a home-cooked meal, provided by dozens of volunteers,

“We order 160 potatoes.  It takes 12-15 people just the day of the event. There are things ahead of time, like washing the potatoes, buying supplies. We have volunteers baking cakes before hand.  We have people that come in and set up,” said Sharp.

All of the preparations are to accommodate the 120-150 diners who come to HAS for the Irish feast.

This year, Sharp is supplying the three crock pots full of her home made chili to top potatoes.

“We have everything, chili, cheese, bacon bits, broccoli, sour cream, onions, whatever you want to top a potato with,” she said.

This year, proceeds from the event will go toward the purchase of an LED sign for HAS, to be placed atop the existing sign on Main Street. 

“We’ve been using banners.  This is a better way to let traffic going by our building see what we have going on,” said Sharp.

In the past, Sharp said, LED signs were too costly for HAS.  But recent price drops have made the purchase a possibility.

“We plan to advertise activities and put up general information. We are trying to raise about $1,500.  These signs used to cost thousands and thousands. Now, organizations our size can afford them.  We hope everyone comes out and considers supporting us,” said Sharp. 

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Swathers Bots Take State

Posted 3/8/2017

By Jacquelyn Nelson

Hesston Record Staff

The Hesston High Swathers brought home their fourth state title this weekend in Hutchinson. The  Swather Robotics Team cinched the state title in a 40-match tournament lasting most of the day on Saturday between 34 teams.

Tournament champions were teams of Ian Weaver and Luke Arrasmith and Collin Simpson and Jeb Carlson.

In addition Chase Jahay earned a ticket to Worlds competition by winning the Excellence Award, the highest award a bot can win at a competition.  Jahay has been a one-man team this season.  His bot is one of only two in the state that uses pneumatics on his bot. 

“It’s fast, it’s powerful.  The challenge is sometimes I run out of air,” said Jahay. 

Jahay said he was surprised by his Excellence Award.

“I thought it would go to a team that could high hang, and I can’t,” he said.

Jahay is only a second-year robotics student, however he came in late in the season last year and was partnered with Cole Findley.  Together, they qualified for World Competition in 2016.

“I rarely allow a solo team but he’s capable.  Teams don’t get to decide, I decide, if they are going to have a partner. You have to have a hellacious work ethic and be talented to be a solo team,” said robotics instructor Trevor Foreman.

Jahay said as a solo builder, driver and programmer, he has been able to perfect his bot to his specification and vision. 

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Kauffman Coordinates, Emcees Freedom Through Fashion Raises $9,000 For Area Human Trafficking Victims

Posted 3/8/2017

Record Staff

Hesstonian Paige Kauffman is leveraging her title as Miss Kansas Outstanding Teen to raise money for ICT SOS, an organization focused on aiding victims of human trafficking. 

Last Saturday, March 4, Kauffman was a co-emcee for the event Freedom Through Fashion, an event she helped spearhead, to raise funds for ICT SOS.  The evening raised over $9,000 for the organization.

“I couldn’t ask for a better day.  I wanted to combine my love of fashion and host a fundraiser with my title,” said Kauffman. 

Event planning began in the fall of 2016 with a committee of six volunteers.

“Designer Alicia Vanta, a Derby dress designer, knew she wanted to launch her designs with a greater purpose in mind and give away the proceeds. She had this idea on her heart and came to ICT SOS and said ‘We want to do this.’ It was a God thing how things matched up,” said Kauffman.

The planning team began coordinating with Vanya Designs, donors, volunteers and a litany of supporters. 

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City Siren System Getting Upgrade In Time For Tornado Season

Posted 3/8/2017

Record Staff

With tornado season approaching Hesston Fire/EMS Chief Russ Buller approached the city council at the February meeting about replacing components for tornado siren near Central National Bank that had failed.

Replacement of the components would cost approximately $7,500 with funds coming from the Fire/EMS budget, according to Buller.  The replacements would be completed in two stages, with two sirens being upgraded at one time, then the remaining three at a later date. 

The new equipment is projected to be installed within the next 10-12 weeks, at most, for the first two sirens.

“If they put a rush on these, they can get out in three to four weeks,” said Buller.

Buller said the current system was installed shortly after the 1990 tornado and has largely been problem-free for the last 27 years.

However, water infiltration into the control box, due to how the control boxes were installed, is causing issues with some of the sirens.

“They have a battery backup in case the Westar power fails during a storm. There is significant repair that needs to be done to the boxes that hold the controls and the batteries on the polls,” Buller said.

Of the six sirens in Hesston, five have been identified as having water infiltration issues. 

During the council meeting, Mayor Dave Kauffman inquired if a tornado siren system was required for cities.

“There is now law that requires this service.  This is the misnomer, people assume they need to be woke from their beds, in the basement with the AC running and the T.V. on.  This is an outdoor warning system. If you hear it in your house, great. It’s meant to alert people who are outside,” said Buller.

Buller said Hesston is “saturated” with sirens after the 1990 tornado, with placement of sirens accounting for the effects of high wind, the height of the sirens, trees and surrounding buildings.

Buller said as the boxes are replaced, the city will receive an upgrade to the systems controlling the sirens.

“There will be new electronics, all new receivers and activation. All that is new with this and that’s why there’s such a price tag. You don’t get a new siren, but everything below will be replaced,” he said.

After the meeting, Buller said the cost of a new siren, including installation of the poll, labor and equipment, costs approximately $20,000. 

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