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Captains Put Ships To The Test At Heritage Park

Posted 5/11/2017

Record StaffTHE top-three captain for this year’s Raingutter Regatta were Spencer, Koby and Colin placing first, second and third. THE top-three captain for this year’s Raingutter Regatta were Spencer, Koby and Colin placing first, second and third.

Hesston Scouts tested their maritime skills on Monday evening at the annual Raingutter Regatta at Heritage Park.

The end-of-season event had boys blowing boats down the 15-foot gutter, putting sail power, and help from an intermittent Kansas breeze, to work to power their crafts.

The top three captains were Colin of the SV Colin in third place; Koby of the AFS Police Officer came in second and the winner of this year’s Regatta was Spencer, captain of the HMS Pirate.

Koby said this year’s ship was inspired by his Pinewood Derby car.

“I wanted to make a police boat. Next year I’ll be making a tank for my derby car and an Army boat,” he said.

Colin said this year’s boat was a carbon copy of last year’s craft.

“I copied it because my Raingutter Regatta set came with no wood for the boat, so I used the one I had last year,” he said.

Winner, Captain Spencer, said he cristened his boat earlier that day.

“I started out sanding it. Then we painted it last night and today we screwed on the parts and put it together,” he said.

Spencer took a look at last year’s boat and made adjustments to his craft.

“I thought the sail might be better if it was down, because it would push more.  The problem last year was my sail kept turning, so we glued it this year and it helped,” he said.

Each of the boys said they had fun building and racing their boats.

“It was fun because my dad had paint in his truck and I found paint in the garage. And I’m excited because I get to be in the newspaper,” said Koby.

Colin said the excitement was about the whole experience.

“You’re building and get done and you have the race and finish high, but it’s just a really simple boat,” he said.

Spencer said, “It was all fun.” 

Scout leader Erik Lang said the boys have an easy build that teaches more than just construction.

“I think it’s about learning how to win and lose appropriately - win graciously and lose with spirit,” he said.

Scout leader Derrik Birdsell chimed in, “at this age, it takes some work.” 

Both men agreed, however, the boys learned a lesson in wins, losses and independence.

“It’s a quicker build. It’s simple and the boys can do almost everything themselves. It’s a lot on them,” said Lang.