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New Coach Bauerle Meets with Swathers

Posted 5/4/2017


Hesston Record Staff

Tyson Bauerle, who has been tabbed as Hesston’s new head football coach, met Tuesday morning with future players in the high school auditorium.

Bauerle coached Sterling to a 10-9 record as head coach the past two seasons. He is set to replace Clint Rider, who has accepted the position of head coach of Blue Valley Northwest in Overland Park.

Superintendent Ben Proctor stressed that Bauerle couldn’t become a district employee until the school board took official action. Its next meeting is 7 p.m. Monday.

Proctor said Bauerle came to Hesston before a board vote because the summer weightlifting program was starting in a few weeks.

“We want to get a jump on that,” Proctor said.

Bauerle graduated from Nickerson High School in 2003, and he earned his bachelor’s degree from Tabor College in 2007. He served as assistant football coach at Sterling for eight years before being named head coach. He has been strength and conditioning coordinator for the high and middle schools for seven years. He teaches junior high social studies.

Principal Ty Rhodes said Bauerle was among three coaching candidates who were interviewed by other teachers and coaches before he and Activities Director Clint Stoppel considered their feedback and made a decision.

“Number one and above all else, a person of high character and a good person,” he said when asked for which traits they were looking. “Everything else falls under that, with leadership and communications and being a role model.”

Overall, nearly 30 candidates applied for the opening. Rhodes said those included coaches from all over Kansas and a couple from out of state. He was asked what made coaching in Hesston a desirable job.

“I think living in the Hesston community is attractive to a lot of people,” he said. “It’s a nice town. I have a biased opinion, but it’s a good school system.”

A coach in Hesston also will receive a lot of community support and know he has a good chance at being successful, he added.

Bauerle would become the 12th head football coach since the Swathers fielded their first team in 1965. All but Steve Morrison, who coached the 1973-74 seasons, had winning records.

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Prairie Fire, City Talk Country Village Development Plan

Posted 5/4/2017

Record Staff

Hesston’s neighbors to the north, the city of Moundridge, has already contracted with Prairie Fire Development.

The Record contacted Moundridge City Administrator Randy Frazer for his insights on how Prairie Fire has operated in Moundridge and the community’s investment and response to the new housing additions created by the business.


How long has Moundridge been working with Prairie Fire? –

The City selected them 2014 as the developer we would work with after needs were determined


How many units are currently occupied? 

Approximately 32


How many are planned? 

42 units of housing have been built by Prairie Fire currently and that is all that is currently planned


Did Moundridge have to supply Prairie Fire with land for free or at a reduced cost? –

The city sold them land for market price of Ag land it was around $4,200 per acre


Who paid for and installed infrastructure? 

The developer paid for development costs including land purchase engineering, platting, streets, wastewater, etc. the City installed the water and electric distribution system


How are the brick and mortar buildings financed? Is the City involved with the actual construction of dwellings or the cost of building dwellings? 

The city had no involvement in the construction or financing of the residences but was the sponsoring entity in the application procress for the following programs.  

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Evening of Creativity to Unite Community

Posted 5/4/2017

Record Staff

The arts are alive in Hesston, with a gallery showing of local artists and guitarist Joe Crookston in concert on May 17 at Hesston Mennonite Church.

The event, The Art of Community, is free and open to all Hesstonians. Coordinated by John and Molly Simmering, along with the Hesston Community Foundation, with assistance from Ariana Kauffman of Schowalter Villa, the evening event is the capstone to several days of activities around Hesston, including presentations at Hesston Schools and at Schowalter Villa.  

“We want to affirm people that are being creative in those ways. We would love to see some mentoring opportunities, and just letting other artists see each others work.

“This isn’s so much about putting on a show as it is about providing an activity that brings people together,” said Molly Simmering.

John Simmering added while there will be artists presenting work, everyone can get into the spirit. 

To read more, see this weeks print edition

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HES In Living Color

Posted 5/4/2017

Record Staff

Hesston Elementary School students were covered in color on Thursday afternoon with the first-ever S.W.A.G. Color Run.

Physical education teacher Brandy Coker, in cooperation with Hesston Elementary School Nurse Tammi Krehbiel, coordinated the run as a capstone for the S.W.A.G. Program - where community members were invited to walk laps with Hesston Elementary School students during recess.

“Nurse Tammi and I wanted to take SWAG up a notch this year, so we made a finale,” she said.

Krehbiel said all 296 students were able to take part in the Color Run, regardless if they took part in the SWAG program throughout the spring.

“I would say we had about 95 percent participation in SWAG this year in some form or another,” said Coker. 

Coker added, cumulatively, kids have racked up hundreds of miles in the last six weeks as part of the program.

“This Friday, I will have a kiddo that will get close to 120 miles and three or four that have close to 110; there are several pushing 100 and I gave away probably 30 T-shirts for kids that reached 50 miles,” she said.

The students proved they had developed their endurance over the course of the one-and-a-half mile King Park loop course.

“Every kid finished. That was the coolest part. We didn’t have to pick up one kid. That was just really awesome,” said Coker. 

Coker said she chose King Park loop as a course for logistical reasons.

“It was the easiest course and it has sidewalks the kids could follow,” she said.

Mayor Dave Kauffman was this year’s rabbit, leading children around King Park for the first lap and over 50 volunteers lined King Park, cheering on students and showering them with powdered color. 

As children finished their lap around the park, Coker said they lined up to encourage other runners.

“People were cheering kids on. Even if they were really struggling, those kids gave a big smile and it gave them the final push. That was really cool to see peers really wanting to see others do their best and finish,” she said.

Coker said the six weeks of SWAG, and the final run, was a way to encourage children to get out and get active.

“We wanted to teach kids that setting goals is a good thing. Exercise, or some other life event or academics, something like this teaches kids to finish hard, set goals, stay focused and reach for what they want,” she said. 

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April Showers Gives A Rain Check For May Flowers

Posted 5/4/2017

Record Staff

The Dyck Arboretum of the Plains is extending its FloraKansas Native Plant Sale by offering a "Rain Check Native Plant Blitz" this Saturday, May 6 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Staff and volunteers will be available at the plant sale to assist with questions and plant selection.

Members and visitors who were unable to attend this past weekend due to inclement weather will have another chance to purchase native and adaptable plants in the Arboretum greenhouse.

Customers are also welcome to purchase plants on weekdays between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., but should stop by the Arboretum office beforehand to request assistance from a member of the staff.

Plant sale goers can find out more about the native plants available by visiting The website includes a complete plant list in our "2017 Native Plant Guide" available for download, as well as a plant library, alphabetized by scientific name, but searchable by common name, bloom time, soil type and light conditions.  

The proceeds of the plant sale help support the arboretum's mission to promote, through education and stewardship, the conservation and use of plants native and adaptable to Kansas. 

For more information, contact the Arboretum office at 620-327-8127 or at

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