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September 7, 2017 The Hesston RecordSeptember 7, 2017 The Hesston Record

Fabric Painting Wall Hanging Created To Commemorate Hesston

Posted 8/31/2017

Mary Ellen Gaeddert has created a “painting with fabric” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Schowalter Villa’s Villa Days celebration. The wall hanging will be up for auction during the Home Sweet Hesston events later this month.

The wall hanging features images from across the community commemorating the community.

“I got the idea to just do the first building of Schowalter Villa. I couldn’t locate a picture of the building so I had to scrap that idea and go to the next one. It started to mushroom and talking to people and putting together what Hesston is all about,” she said.

Please see The Hesston Record's August 31, 2017 print edition for the rest of the story.