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HAS Casting Wide Net For This Year's Fish Fry, July 27

Posted 7/19/2018

HAS will once again be casting a wide net to bring diners in to the 22nd Annual Fish Fry on Saturday, July 27 from 5-7 p.m. 

The event has been one of the largest fundraisers for the center since it began.  Joe Hershberger, one of a crew of fisherman who have donated untold numbers of fish to the meal, once again cleaned and packaged all of the cartons used in this year’s fry. 

From walleye to wipers, Hershberger and his fishermen hauled in their catches in preparation for this year’s feast. 

“We have 66 cartons of fish this year. We have never used more than 60,” said Gary Vogt, this year’s Fish Fry chairman. 

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Ready, Set, Rescue!

Posted 7/19/2018


  • Rescue Equipment Relay - A relay race to don our protective gear and breathing apparatus completely before the next person can go.
  • Ventilation Fan Soccer Maze - A team race utilizing our different ventilation fans to maneuver a soccer ball through a maze.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera And Fine Skills Construction - A team race utilizing our thermal imager to identify warm nuts and bolts from a scattering of each. The firefighters must then assemble them in full protective gear.
  • Jaws Of Life Easter Egg Challenge - Using the “jaws of life” to pick up and move the most plastic Easter eggs without crushing them.
  • Pallet Relay And Rescue - Using wooden pallets the team of firefighters must cross the apparatus bay driveway without touching the concrete to then “rescue” a training manikin and carry him back across the driveway in the same fashion.


While many Hesstonians were celebrating the Fourth of July week with barbecues and fireworks, the 13 members of the Hesston Fire Department was sweating it out in full bunker gear for the Firefighter Challenge. 

Hesston Fire/EMS Director Russ Buller said the annual challenge tests firefighters’ practical skills, knowledge, strength and endurance using every tool in the kit. 

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Scammers Bilk Hesstonians Out Of $30,000 In 2018

Posted 7/19/2018

Hesston Police Chief Doug SchroederHesston Police Chief Doug SchroederHesston has recently been a hotbed of scammers who are contacting residents via phone and email. 

Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder said victims in Hesston have lost, cumulatively, over $30,000 in 2018 alone. 

Right now the most commonly reported rouse is phone call from someone pretending to be from the IRS and explaining that a warrant for arrest will be issued if a matter isn’t settled with them.  This of course isn’t the IRS and it is only an attempt to get personal information and payment information such as credit card numbers,” he said. 

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