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Local Filmmaker Premiering At Raindance, London

Posted 8/30/2018

This Is Love, created by Hesstonian Shawn Rhodes, will premier at one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals - Raindance in London, England. 

Raindance is listed as No. 11 of the 15 largest and most prestigious film festivals in the world and has been host to the debuts of internationally renowned films. 

“It’s huge, Pulp Fiction had its first showing there; What’s Eating Gilbert Grape; The Blair Witch Project; Ghost World and a bunch of other ones premiered at Raindance,” said Rhodes. 

Rhodes said the film has been nearly two decades in the making. 

“It’s taken 17 years to get around to telling this story about the creator of funk,” he said. 

This is Love, Rhodes said, is not another rom-com, but a candid documentary about Rudy Love, “It’s the world’s first Funkumentary.”  

Love, a native of Wichita, has had a hand in making music for Sly and the Family Stone, Fleetwood Mack, Stevie Wonder, Dollie Parton, Martina McBride and more music legends. 

“He was around the music as it was being created and extremely influential,” said Rhodes. 

From teaching Marvin Gay some of his hits to having the owner of his record label murdered in a mob hit, Rhodes said, “Right here in Wichita, we have the craziest story about Rock and Roll anyone has ever heard,” he said. 

Rhodes said the Love family found him while he was creating Heavy Pork, a show on Fox. 

“He was cutting an album, and they wanted to do an extended press kit and make a 15-minute video and they did a little background and history and when we got done I kept finding out more and more,” he said. 

In the end, Rhodes said This Is Love is not just the story of one man. 

“This is the greatest movie about Americana and music and theft and the Mob and slavery, the black musicians and what was happening to them; thousands had their music stolen by Chess Records. They were taking Delta Blues musicians, shipping them up to Chicago, recording their music and sending them home with a bus ticket, a couple bucks and a bottle of liquor and then recording all their music through Chess Records,” he said.