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Hesston Record 10.23

Hesston Record 10.23

Doubles Pairs Both Medal At State

Posted 10/23/2014

By Blake Spurney

Hesston Record Staff

All four Hesston Lady Swathers who competed in the Class 321A state tournament Friday and Saturday in Dodge City brought home medals.

Kaitlyn Schrock and Abigail Decker defeated teammates Katelyn Hageman and Tessa Isaac 9-6 in the seventh-place match Saturday. Both tandems won their first match and lost their second before reeling off three straight wins.

Coach Travis Sebits said all the Lady Swathers played well and found ways to win some close matchers.

Sebits said the girls all felt a well-deserved feeling of accomplishment as medalists at the state tournament.

Hesston placed fifth as a team with 17 points. The Lady Swathers, who fell just three points of winning a second-place trophy, certainly would have benefited from the presence of Morgan Holopirek, who has missed more than a week of school due to illness.

Sebits said he believed Holopirek would have finished between second-fifth at state based on her record during the season. That would have earned the Lady Swathers second place by a wide margin.

Holopirek had beaten third-place finisher Allison Weber twice this season, and she beat fourth-place finisher Emily Ramsey at the regional tournament.

Bonnie Holopirek, Morgan’s mother said her daughter’s eyes swelled shut the day after the Central Kansas League tournament on Oct. 4. Bonnie thought Morgan had pink eye, and Morgan rode home with her parents.

Morgan’s doctor thought her condition was a continuation of a sinus infection she got in September. She underwent a painful shot, eye drops and antibiotics. She managed to get well enough to finish third at regionals. Two days before the Lady Swathers were going to make the trip to Dodge City, Morgan told her mother she didn’t feel well. Bonnie told her to come home, but Morgan stayed in school and went to practice, where she lay on the tennis court and shivered, Bonnie said.

“By Thursday, we knew there was no chance of state tennis,” Bonnie said. “She was very disappointed and heartbroken.”

The high temperatures and coughing continued, and Morgan received two more painful shots that have left her arm and hips bruised. She found out Tuesday that she had pneumonia, and she will miss at least the rest of classes this week.

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Lots Of ‘Hoopla’ For Lark Basketball Season

Posted 10/23/2014

As the tipoff approaches for the Hesston College men’s and women’s basketball season, the community is invited for a sneak peek at both Lark squads during Hesston College’s annual Hoopla.
The event will be held on Monday, Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. in Yost Center. There will be contests, giveaways, and the ever popular slam dunk competition. 

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HMS Swathers Celebrate Undefeated Season

Posted 10/23/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Middle School Swather eight grade boys have gone undefeated this season.  This team is a special one, having only one loss over two seasons. 

Coach Ryan Martin said he is very proud of his team. 

“They finally got to the point where the worked hard enough and came together as a team and put it all together and we achieve that that zero-loss.  It’s been nice to see them get better and better and mature,” he said. 

Throughout the season, Martin said the team has not only come together to play well, but to cover for each other as they worked through an injury-laden season. 

“Before the first game we had a couple kids get hurt.  Our tailback got hit in the chest and was out for two games.  The fourth game we lost one to a knee injury. We had to overcome those injuries and have kids step up and into different positions,” said Martin. 

Despite the toll injuries took on the team, Martin said he was confident this year was the year for the HMS Swathers to go al the way. 

“I knew we had the opportunity to win. We had the biggest offince and most talented offensive line. We had Cameron Cox and our running backs. I knew we could do it – it was just if we could get past a team like Hillsboro,” he said. 

This year, Martin said he caught several teams off guard, switching up the offensive playbook. 

“One thing we tried to do more was pass the ball. We threw six or seven times per game.  Our ability to pass was a nice surprise.  We could throw people off a bit because middle school is typically all running. 

Hesston High Coach Clint Rider said he and Martin sat down to coordinate their playbooks and prepare players for high school level football. 


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