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Hesston Record 4.16

Hesston Record 4.16

Larks Bow To Demands Of Mother Nature

Posted 4/16/2015

By Rusty Whitcher

To say the least, the weather in Kansas is unpredictable.
When it comes to baseball, the players and coaches are both at the mercy of Mother Nature. In the spring, when the weather can turn nasty at the drop of a hat, sometimes all a team can do is wait it out.
Originally, the Hesston College baseball team was slated to play Hutchinson Community College during the first week of March, but the weather had other ideas after a late season snowstorm blanketed the playing fields. Finally, the Larks and Blue Dragons were able to make things work for a single game on April 8. Soon, the game changed to a doubleheader with the Larks on the road to Hobart Dettar Field in Carey Park.
Once again, the weather played a hand in the game time. Early in the morning of the game, the Larks were slated to leave at 1 p.m. for the 4 p.m. start time. But the threat of severe weather resulted in the game time moving up an hour along with the departure time. After consulting the various weather outlets, the game was moved back to the original start time of 4 p.m. as the storms were forecast  to stay away until later in the evening if they formed at all.
“Welcome to baseball coaching in Kansas,” Head Coach Rob Ramseyer said. “Or anywhere for that matter. It’s the most stressful part of my job.” 

Much like a roving band of nomads, the Larks began to trickle into the parking lot behind Yost Center one by one.  Three white vans were awaiting the team, with each player having a specific van where they were assigned. Guys were in various stages of dress, some wearing shorts, others with their gray road pants on already, long sleeves, short sleeves, even a few had their gold jerseys on before leaving, proud to be a member of the Lark baseball family. 

With the trailer for equipment completely loaded, the caravan pulled away from the parking lot, under a thick gray blanket of clouds, the sky belying the forecast for warmer temperatures and the potential for weather later on.
Light bantering filled the van while some players immersed themselves in music. The topic of discussion was wide-ranging, from girlfriends to golf, from homework to summer ball even to the glory of naps as a college student.
Hutchinson is a short drive compared with some of the Lark road trips, a 35-minute commute on Highway 50. After a quick exit from the highway, the road winds its way back to Hobart Dettar, a field tucked into Carey Park, nestled right up against the Arkansas River. As the Larks unpacked all of their gear from the trailer, the host Blue Dragons just happened to be finishing up batting practice.
Hesston players dressed quickly, knowing stretching followed by batting practice was on the horizon. With the game on the mind of the players a few minor details slipped through the cracks as the coaches for both squads chatted about each team’s season. When Ramseyer returned to the dugout, his watchful eye caught a detail which had been missed.
“Shaq, your belt looks stupid,” Ramseyer said to center fielder Shaquille Theus, a sophomore from Kansas City.

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Golfers Place 10th at Terradyne

Posted 4/16/2015

By Blake Spurney

Hesston Record Staff

Hesston head golf coach Grady Pauls had a talk with his team Monday after the Swathers finished 10th at the Andover Central Invitational at Terradyne Country Club.

Team members felt like they gave up at least two dozen strokes by making poor decisions.

“We have to work on shooting numbers and playing the golf course in a smart way,” Pauls said.

Some of that is related to players knowing when to aim for the flag or when to punch out instead of trying a miracle shot.

“I challenged them last night,” Pauls said. “We’re going to get after it at practice.”

Jack Barnhart, who turned in a low score of 83 for Hesston, was frustrated that he didn’t go lower. The competition was strong with 11 golfers shooting in the 70s, including a 71 and 72.

“He has the ability to shoot a low number,” Pauls said. “He’s going to do that this year. He knows what he has to work on.”

Trey Denno finished one behind Barnhart with an 84. Among the others, only Cole Seltzer (92) was able to break 100.

On Thursday, April 9, Hesston finished sixth out of 10 teams at the Wellington Invitational. Barnhart carded an 80, which earned him fifth place. Denno shot an 89, and Andrew Frazier finished in 96 shots.

A squad of junior varsity golfers competed against varsity teams Friday, April 10, at the Hillsboro Invitational. Jordan Roth shot a 98, and Jonathan Graham a 99.

“It’s going to be a process for some of these kids,” Pauls said. “They’ve got to start putting in a little more time after golf practice to see the results we want to see.”

Hesston’s varsity squad will be playing Monday at Sterling Country Club. The JV squad will be the host team for a tournament Thursday, April 23, at Hesston Golf Park.

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