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Swather A-Team Racks Up 164 Points In Post-Break Victory Streak

Posted 1/19/2017

Record Staff

In four games, the Hesston Swathers returned from the break refreshed and ready to win.

Through January, the HMS Swather A-Team has been topping opponents across Harvey and Sedgwick County. 

This week, the Swathers head to Lyons to play for the Central Kansas League (CKL) championship. 

• Thursday, Jan 5, the Hesston Middle School A Team Swatheres had their hands full with Reno Valley in a 47-33 victory at home.

“Reno took it to us in the first half.  They out hustled us which should never happen,” said head coach Dave Woodward.

Reno jumped out to a quick 11-9 lead in the first quarter. However, the Swathers started fighting back, closing the gap to 18-16 heading into the half.

“Another team may have more talent, but you should never get out hustled.  We had a discussion at halftime about how we could change that,” said Woodward.

The locker room chat sent the Swathers out onto the floor determined to take the lead.  In the third quarter, Hesston put up 18 points and held Reno to just 8.

The fourth quarter saw the Swathers continuing to dominate 12-7 and seal the win.

“We have had slow starts this year and we have to find a way to be on the attack from the get go rather than waiting until the second half,” said Woodward.

Ben Bollinger was an offensive powerhouse for the Swathers, posting 16 points.  Brady Cox was also in the double digits with 12. Andrew Schmidt posted 9 points and Braden Esau put up 6 for the Swathers. Johnny Yang and Brayden Bruner rounded out the scoring column with two points apiece.

  • • Monday, Jan. 9, the HMS Swathers sent Central Christian to their knees in a 45-16 victory.

“We had a great start to this game. This game was extra special for us as one of our guys used to be a student at CCA,” said Woodward.

 The Swathers came out strong, jumping to a 16-2 lead in the first quarter.

“Jumping out to a 16-2 lead in the first quarter gave us a lot of confidence. Our defense did not give up any open looks at the basket,” said Woodward.

Heading into the break, the Swathers continued to pummel Central Christian 8-3, hitting the locker room with a 24-5 advantage.

“Ben Bollinger, the former student of CCA, had 10 first quarter points.  I was very happy for him and I know our kids all felt the same way,” said Woodward.

Bollinger had the hot hand of the night, putting up 17 points for the Swathers. 

After the break, the Swathers again took Central Christian to task 11-4 in the third and closing out the contest with a 10-7 final quarter.

While Bollinger led the team in scoring, Chis Enge put up 9 points; Andrew Schmidt posted 7 and Lucas Roth brought home 6 points.  Teague Mendola, Brady Cox and Jackson Humphreys all rounded out the Swather offense with 2 points apiece.

  • • The Swathers and Dragons faced off at Hesston Middle School on Jan 12, and the Dragons fired at Hesston, but still came up short as the Swathers came away with a 39-30 victory.

“This was a difficult game to play, to coach, to watch,” said Woodward.

Players found it hard to not only find their stride, but also to play a clean game.

“There were many fouls called, but there should have been many more.  It was hard to get in the flow because of so much stoppage, but if a foul is committed, then the ref should blow his whistle,” said Woodward.

Despite the lack of rhythm, the Swathers got out to a 12-10 lead in the first quarter and never let go.

Halstead put up a battle and the teams headed into the break just five points apart at  23-18.

Coming back from the break, the Swathers finally got a lid on the Halstead offense, keeping the Dragons to just 5 in the third quarter. 

The Dragons rallied in the fourth, finally getting a 7-6 jump on the Swathers. However, the last-quarter surge was not enough to over take Hesston.

“Everytime we threatened to throw the knock out punch, Halstead hung tough.  They shouldn't be within nine points of us,” said Woodward.

Leading the Swathers’ offense were Brady Cox and Ben Bollinger with 10 points apiece. Braden Esau chipped in 6; Andrew Schmidt contributed 5 points and Jackson Humphreys and Jack Reimer added 4 points each.  Chris Enge rounded out the Swather’s scoring with 2 points.

  • • Monday night the Swathers took on the Dragons once again on Monday, Jan. 16.  The Swathers extinguished the Dragons 33-15 in a route.

“Trying to beat a team three times in one year is difficult.  Playing them twice in 5 days adds to that difficulty,” said Woodward.

In the first game of League Tournament play, the Swathers knew they had to perform their best.

The Swathers hit the hardwood determined to put away the Dragons for the final time this season and leapt to a 16-2 lead.

“Halstead has good players, but I believed we were ready for them.  Holding them to two points in the first quarter was awesome,” said Woodward.

In the second quarter the Dragons fought back.  The second ended with both teams breaking even 6-6. 

Coming back after the break, Hesston edged further ahead going 8-6 in the third quarter. With both teams running on empty, the game closed out with a 3-1 final quarter and the Swathers victorious.

Woodward said not only was the team’s offense hot, but the defense contributed just as much to the win.

“Holding their leading scorer to zero points for the whole game was just as impressive.  Braden Esau and Braden Bruner were given that task and they combined for a sterling effort.  Our other players gave great support as well,” he said.

Leading the Swathers on offense was Andrew Schmidt. But, Jackson Humphreys was hot on his heels with 8.  Ben Bollinger popped in 7 points and Braden Esau contributed seven.  Brayden Bruner and Jake Reimer dished in two points and Lucas Roth rounded out the Swather’s scoring column with 1 point.

The Swathers hit the road to Lyons to compete in the semifinals and finals of the Central Kansas League. 

“We have a great chance to be League Champions.  We have to play focused, aggressive, and take care of the ball.  If we do that, good things will happen,” said Woodward.    


Thursday, Jan. 5 at Hesston Middle School

Hesston A     9   8   18   12   =   47

Reno Valley  11   7   8    7    =   33

Teague Mendola   0

Josh Leinbach    0

Lucas Roth    0

Brady Cox   12

Ben Bollinger   16

Chris Enge    0

Rhain Isaac   0

Johnny Yang   2

Brayden Bruner   2

Braden Esau   6

Jackson Humphreys   0

Andrew Schmidt   9


Monday, Jan. 9 at Hesston High AUX gym

Hesston A   16   8   11   10   =   45

Central Christian (Wichita)   2   3   4   7   =   16

Teague Mendola   2

Josh Leinbach   0

Lucas Roth   6

Brady Cox   2

Ben Bollinger   17

Chris Enge    9

Johnny Yang   0

Brayden Bruner   0

Braden Esau   0

Jackson Humphreys   2

Dalton Carey   0

Andrew Schmidt   7


Thursday, Jan. 12 at Hesston Middle School

Hesston A   12   11   10   6   =   39

Halstead A   10   8     5    7   =   30

Josh Leinbach     0

Brady Cox     10

Ben Bollinger   10

Chris Enge   2

Brayden Bruner   0

Braden Esau   6

Jackson Humphreys    4

Andrew Schmidt   5

Jake Reimer   4

Dalton Carey   0


Monday, Jan. 16 at Hesston High School AUX gym

Hesston A   16   6   8   3   =   33

Halstead A   2    6   6   1   =   15

Josh Leinbach   0

Lucas Roth   1

Brady Cox   0

Ben Bollinger   7

Chris Enge   0

Brayden Bruner   2

Braden Esau   4

Jackson Humphreys   8

Dalton Carey   0

Jake Reimer   2

Andrew Schmidt   9

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